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Sponsored Programs is responsible for processing subaward agreements and amendments that are issued by the university to collaborating entities (subrecipients). These subrecipients will perform a portion of the research required under a prime award to the university.

Procedure Heading link

Ensure the agreement should truly have the subrecipient designation. Use the Subrecipient/Subcontractor vs Vendor/Consultant guide to assist with determining the proper designation.

For a new subaward, determine the original funding source and use one of the following templates:

For subaward amendments use the amendment template that corresponds to the original agreement type (e.g. federally funded subject to UG, federally funded subject to FAR, or non-federal).

Once processed, the document(s) will be assigned to a subaward specialist for review before sending to the subrecipient and routing for execution.

Tips Heading link

  • To save time in the subaward issuance process, begin gathering as much information as early as possible.
  • Do NOT send the agreements or amendments to the subrecipient for signature prior to submitting to Sponsored Programs. They need to be reviewed by Sponsored Programs prior to execution by either party.
  • Accuracy is vitally important to these legally binding agreements. Any errors in the information provided, especially in the financial sections, will severely delay the processing and execution of the subaward.
  • Prior to submitting a new subaward request to Sponsored Programs, confirm that the subrecipient was included in the original submission to the sponsor. If not, work with the prime sponsor and Sponsored Programs to get the approval before requesting subaward issuance.
  • When submitting a new subaward request to Sponsored Programs, ensure that the SOW, budget, and budget justification are included.
  • Setting up a timeline for subaward management can help prevent time crises in subaward issuance and potential stoppages in project workflow.
  • If a subrecipient is not performing work as expected, inform Sponsored Programs as soon as possible.
  • For Public Health Services and Non-PHS Organizations using PHS requirements, a subrecipient FCOI certification form will need to be completed and submitted to the Office of Conflict of Interest before work can begin on your subaward.
  • Please submit editable forms via OSPWeb whenever possible.