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A proposal is a detailed request for extramural funding prepared in accordance with the sponsor’s instructions and University policy. All proposed projects that include the use of UIC resources, such as faculty time, students, equipment, or facilities, must be reviewed and approved by the University prior to submission to the sponsor.



New applications are submitted for review via myProposals. Secondary/supplementary documents after an application is reviewed should be submitted via OSPWeb. Additional clarification between myProposals submissions and OSPWeb submissions can be found here.

  • Add all proposal information and documents to a new myProposals transmittal document.
  • Obtain all necessary project certifications/approvals in myResearch Portal.
  • Submit the myProposals transmittal document and the sponsor application to OSP at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline.
  • OSP reviews and identifies any issues that require revision.
  • OSP provides institutional endorsement of the proposal and in the case of non-electronic submission returns it to the PI/Department for routing . If submission is required by the authorized official/business office, OSP forwards the proposal to the sponsor via their applicable electronic system.

The budget is the financial plan for the project or program. It includes both the sponsor and non-sponsor share of the total project cost. Proposed project costs are comprised of allowable direct costs, facilities and administrative (F&A) costs, and cost sharing. Allowable costs are those that are reasonable and allocable to the sponsored project and allowable under University and sponsor policy.

A budget justification should be prepared to explain how the budgeted costs relate to the project. The justification should provide sufficient detail to allow the sponsor to determine whether the proposed costs are reasonable and appropriate. Key elements to include in the justification are:

  • A detailed justification of the expense or service
  • How the expense relates to and benefits the project
  • The anticipated cost
  • The time period in which it will be utilized
  • Other information that will aid the sponsor in evaluating the proposed item

There may be situations in which the PI must submit documents or other information to his/her sponsor after the application has been submitted, but before an award is made. These requests should be submitted via OSPWeb. Additional clarification between myProposals submission and OSPWeb submissions can be found here.

In most cases, the PI will receive a request from the sponsor for certain documents to be submitted with institutional endorsement prior to an award. Such documents may include:

  • Just-In-Time
  • Supplemental Material