Info for New and Current Postdocs, Prospective Postdocs, and Postdoc Alumni

One of the main goals of the UIC Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) and Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is to recruit and retain high-quality postdocs and build a vibrant and engaged postdoc community within UIC, while providing outstanding research, career, and professional development training activities for postdocs. We also actively collaborate with other Chicago-area and Big Ten institutions to expand opportunities for postdocs.

Scroll down to find resources if you are a prospective postdoc or a new postdoc at UIC, as well as resources for our diverse community of postdocs and alumni.

UIC Postdocs, at a Glance

UIC Postdoc at a glace

Although the majority of postdocs at UIC are in biomedical fields, we have postdocs appointed in many STEM, humanities, liberal arts, and social science fields. The goal of OPA and the PDA is to foster an open and welcoming community of postdocs and a robust professional development training program that will be beneficial to ALL postdocs, regardless of field of study or future career choice, by focusing on building key skills and preparing you for the next step in your career through career exploration and job search preparation.

To build a strong postdoc community and help connect postdocs across campus, the PDA publishes a quarterly newsletter to celebrate postdoc accomplishments, recap events and topics of interest to postdocs, and showcase outstanding postdoc alumni. The PDA also conducts surveys to assess the needs of postdocs on campus.

Prospective Postdocs

Thinking about pursuing your postdoctoral training at UIC? Check out these positions open currently and learn more about why you should choose UIC and things to consider when applying for postdoc positions:

Open Postdoc Positions

New Postdocs

Are you a new postdoc at UIC? Tell us a little bit about yourself by filling out this short entrance survey.

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) hosts an hour-long New Postdoc Orientation on a bimonthly basis. Join the listserv and keep an eye on your email for announcements regarding upcoming orientations. You can register for the next new postdoc orientation session by completing the postdoc entrance survey.

Resources for a Diverse Community of Postdocs at UIC

“UIC is one of the nation’s most diverse public research universities. As a federally designated Minority Serving Institution, we strive to promote an organizational culture and structure, grounded on the principles of access, equity and inclusion. UIC welcomes students, staff and faculty from a variety of racial, ethnic, and class backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities to cultivate a diverse learning community where human differences are embraced and neither difference nor disadvantage stands in the way of intellectual and professional achievement. Furthermore, we believe that by drawing upon these diverse perspectives, we are able to expand frontiers of knowledge as a national leader of innovative scholarship.” From the Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity

UIC Postdoc Alumni: Stay Connected!

If you have recently left UIC, we would love for you to stay in touch by joining the UIC Postdoctoral Association LinkedIn group! We also ask you to please take a few minutes to respond to the UIC Postdoc Exit Survey, and answer a few questions about your experience as a postdoc at UIC.

Alumni Spotlight


Ibra 'Drew' Fancher, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, University of Delaware and former postdoc in the College of Medicine (UIC, 2014-2020)

My advice to postdocs applying for faculty positions, pandemic or not, is do not give up. Keep publishing, keep writing award applications, and keep applying for faculty positions. While it may feel impossible to land a job most places now with hiring freezes in place at many institutions, you never know. Keep searching.

Advice for applying for jobs during the COVID

'Virginia' Huaqing Liang, Ph.D. - Assistant Professor, Marshall University School of Physical Therapy and former postdoc in the College of Applied Health Sciences (UIC, 2018-2020)

Well, this sure is a very interesting time to find jobs and the common wisdom might not be so reliable right now… So the first suggestion/experience is to acknowledge that nobody, including interviewers and interviewees, really knows how to do this…The second suggestion/experience is to fully take advantage of the online setting. Since the schedule would be set, you would know the name of the persons you are going to meet. So do your homework and be prepared to have engaging conversation[s].

Advice for applying for jobs during the COVID