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Federal sponsors offer a range of programs to help prepare individuals for careers in biomedical, behavioral, social, clinical research, engineering, and other disciplines. UIC currently holds several training grants that support undergraduate students, graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty. The table below includes a list of active training grants. If you are an interested applicant please review the instructions in the table for how to apply.

To learn more about some of the different training grant programs available please review the following links:

T-series Institutional Training Grants
K-12 Clinical Scientist Institutional Career Development Program Award
KL2 Mentored Clinical Research Scholar Awards

If you are a training grant director and would like to have your training grant information updated or included in this list, please contact Valerie Miller, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at

Active UIC Training Grants Heading link

ProgramMechanismTrainees SupportedCollegeSponsorProgram ContactsInstructions for Applicants
Training Program in Lung Biology and PathobiologyT32Predoc Positions: 6; Postdoc Positions: 6College of MedicineNIH; NHLBIProject PI: Dolly Mehta, PhD (; Administrative Contact: Amelia Mutso, PhD ( here for postdoc application instructions
Training in the Neuroscience of Mental HealthT32Predoc Positions: 4; Clinical Postdoc Positions: 2College of MedicineNIH; NIMHProject PI: Mark Rasenick, PhD ( here for clinical postdoc application instructions
Precision Lifestyle Medicine and Translation Research (PREMIER)T32Postdoc Positions: 3College of MedicineNIH; NHLBIProject PIs: Jun Ma, MD, PhD, FAHA, FABMR (, Rachel Caskey, MD, MAPP (; Administrative Contact: Amruta Barve ( here for postdoc application instructions
Training program in the biology and translational research on Alzheimer's disease and related dementiasT32Predoc Positions: 4College of MedicineNIH; NIAProject PIs: Orly Lazarov, PhD (; Stephanie Cologna, PhD (; Leon Tai, PhD (; Administrative Contact: Lea Smucker ( here for predoc application instructions
Training Program in Personalized Cardiovascular Medicine (TPIPCVM)T32Predoc Positions: 4; Postdoc Positions: 5College of MedicineNIH; NHLBIProject PI: Dawood Darbar, MBChB, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHRS (; Administrative Contact: Muriel Chen (
Alcohol Research Training in epigenetics and pathophysiology (ARTEP)T32Predoc Positions: 3; Postdoc Positions: 4College of MedicineNIH; NIAAAProject PI: Subhash Pandey, PhD ( here for postdoc application instructions
Postdoctoral Training Program in Pulmonary and Critical Care Translational ResearchT32Postdoc Positions: 4College of MedicineNIH; NHLBIProject PIs: Steven Dudek, MD (, Irena Levitan (
Cancer Education and Career Development ProgramT32Predoc Positions: 3; Postdoc Positions: 3College of Medicine & School of Public HeathNIH; NCIProject PI: Marian Fitzgibbon, PhD (; Administrative Contact: Mirjana Antonic ( here for predoc or postdoc application instructions
Vascular Biology; Signaling and Therapeutics training programT32Predoc Positions: 4; Postdoc Positions: 2College of MedicineNIH; NHLBIProject PIs: Jan Kitajewski, PhD (, Kishore Wary, PhD ( here for predoc or postdoc application instructions
Research Training in Natural Product Complementary and Integrative HealthT32Predoc Positions: 6College of PharmacyNIH; NCCIHProject PIs: Guido Pauli, PhD (, Jimmy Orjala, PhD (
Medical Scientist Training ProgramT32MD/PhD training programCollege of MedicineNIH; NIGMSProject PI: Mark Rosenblatt, MD, PhD, MBA, MHA (
Diabetes Research Training Program (UICDRTP)T32Postdoc PositionsCollege of MedicineNIH; NIDDKProject PI: Terry Unterman, MD (; Administrative contact: Pamela Terrell ( here for postdoc application instructions
Bridges to the Baccalaureate Research Training Program at University of Illinois at ChicagoT34Undergraduate studentsCollege of Liberal arts and SciencesNIH; NIGMSProject PIs: Donald Wink, PhD (; Paul Grippo, PhD (
Short-Term Research Training Program in NIDDK Mission AreasT35First-year medical studentsCollege of MedicineNIH; NIDDKProject PIs: James Lash, MD (; Waddah A. Alrefai, MD (
Great Lakes Center for Occupational Health and Safety (T42)T42Center trains graduate students and postdocs in occupational health and safetySchool of Public HealthCDC; NIOSHProject PI: Susan Buchanan (
Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health plus Academic Career Enhancement Program supplement (T76)T76Center trains students to support and promote the health and well-being of women, children, and families. Funding supplement allows for training of 1 postdoc and 1 junior faculty fellow at any one time and 3 total of each over the course of the award.School of Public HealthHRSAProject PI: Arden Handler, DrPH, MPH (
Chicago KUH FORWARDTL1Predoc Positions: 5; Postdoc Positions: 5College of MedicineNIH; NIDDKProject PI: James Lash, MD (; Administrative Contact: Natalie Meza ( here for predoc or postdoc application instructions
IRACDA K12: Chicago ARea Excellence in Education & Research (CAREER) ProgramK12Designed to provide rigorous and balanced team-based training in both teaching and research to a diverse group of postdoctoral fellowsCollege of Pharmacy and College of MedicineNIH; NIGMSProgram PIs: Larisa Nonn, PhD (, Joanna Burdette, PhD (; Administrative Contact: IRACDA Program Coordinator ( here for application instructions
K12: Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s HealthK12Trains a diverse group of junior faculty scholars to become independent women’s health or sex/gender-based research investigatorsCollege of MedicineNIH; NICHDProgram PIs: Pauline M. Maki, PhD (, Irina A. Buhimschi, MD (; Administrative Contact: Nyahne Bergeron, MPH ( here for application instructions
K12: Independent Clinician Vision Scientist (ICVS) Development ProgramK12Enables qualified junior faculty clinician vision scientists to engage in a structured and mentored learning experience that will facilitate career advancement and enable trainees to promote their development to fully independent positions in the broad areas of patient-orientated, translational and basic researchCollege of MedicineNIH; NEIProgram PI: Mark Rosenblatt, MD, PhD, MBA, MHA ( here for application instructions
KL2: Clinical and Translational Sciences (CATS) Scholars ProgramKL2Intended to accelerate the career progression of junior faculty scientists who have demonstrated a commitment to clinical and/or translational researchCenter for Clinical and Translational ScienceNIH; NCATSProgram PI: Shane A. Phillips PT, PhD, FAHA ( here for application instructions
IGE: Increasing Academic Success for Underrepresented Minority PhD Graduate STEM Students Through Self-Advocacy EducationNRTPredoc Positions: 36College of EngineeringNSF; Division of Graduate EducationProject PIs: Carmen Lilley, PhD (, Karen Colley, PhD (, Gregory Larnell, PhD (
Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)GRFPNSF GRFP recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported STEM disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees.Graduate CollegeNSF; Division of Graduate EducationProject PI: Benn Williams ( here for more information
Research Training Group in Algebra, Geometry and TopologyRTGPostdoc Positions: 4; Provides for graduate student stipends, tuition waivers and summer supportCollege of Liberal Arts and SciencesNSF; Division of Mathematical SciencesProject PIs: Izzet Coskun, PhD (, Lawrence Ein, PhD (, Daniel Groves, PhD (, Julius Ross, PhD (, Kevin Tucker, PhD (
Advanced Training in Translational and Community-Engaged Scholarship to Improve Community Living and Participation of People with DisabilitiesAARTPostdoc Positions: 6College of Applied Health SciencesACL; NIDILRRProject PIs: Tamar Heller, PhD (, Co-PIs: Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, PhD (, Alexander Aruin, PhD (, Angela Odoms-Young, PhD (