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[A]ctual and potential Conflicts of Commitment and/or Conflicts of Interest sometimes occur in the pursuit of the University’s mission. When timely disclosed to the University in accordance with… Policy and applicable procedures, a potential Conflict of Commitment or Conflict of Interest neither implies nor presumes improper behavior. University UEOs [Unit Executive Officers] must carefully assess potential Conflicts of Commitment and Conflicts of Interest. It is in the best interests of the University to effectively manage actual or potential Conflicts of Commitment and/or Conflicts of Interest.

Active participation in Outside Activities that enhance professional skills or constitute public service can benefit both the participating Covered Individual and the University. However, no Covered Individual shall have any commitments or interests incompatible with their University Responsibilities.

The University, the… Responsible Official, and UEOs are required to ensure Covered Individuals apply their time and effort pursuant to… University policies and procedures, to use University resources toward University ends, and to manage or eliminate any conduct that creates, or appears to create, a Conflict of Commitment and/or Conflict of Interest.

2024 COCI Policy