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Find Funding

One of the core missions of Research Development is to help faculty search for and identify relevant funding opportunities. To that end we support several methods to explore available opportunities.

OVCR Funding Portal Heading link

OVCR Funding Portal showing several tiles, each describing a single funding opportunity.

The OVCR Funding Portal includes all the open opportunities Research Development has announced in our newsletters: Limited Submissions, RDSNews, and special topics such as COVID-19 Opportunities and Data Science. Opportunities posted on the OVCR Funding Portal are searchable based on key words, sponsor name, type of opportunity, and other criteria.

The Portal includes Limited Competition Opportunities for which pre-authorization must be granted prior to submitting a full proposal to the sponsor. More information about Limited Competitions can be found here.

Newsletters and Funding Opportunity Digests Heading link

Example of Research Development Newsletter showing categories, Funding Announcements, Newswire, and OVCR and Campus Events.

Subscribe to weekly RD Newsletters.

  • RD News contains highlighted funding opportunities, news, and events.
  • Limited Competitions publicizes opportunities where UIC is limited in the number of applicants. For Limited Competitions you must submit an internal letter of intent or concept paper to be authorized to submit a full proposal. More information about Limited Competitions can be found here.

See archived newsletters here.

Subscribe to weekly funding opportunity digests through Pivot-RP.

To subscribe to a digest…

  1. Log in to Pivot-RP. (Choose the “Use login from my institution” option and use your UIC netid login.)
  2. Select the “Groups” link in the “My Profile & Groups” section.
  3. Select the “join group” option for any/all opportunity categories that interest you. Current categories are
    • All
    • Architecture, Art, Business, Design, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences
    • Health Sciences
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
    • Multidisciplinary (involves 2 or more of the above categories)

You will receive weekly email digests of the newly added opportunities in the list(s) that correspond to the group(s) you have selected. Unsubscribe at any time by selecting “leave group”.

Pivot Heading link

Pivot landing page showing a search bar and links to My Funding Opportunities and My Profile & Groups

Pivot-RP is a search tool that provides access to the most comprehensive global source of funding opportunities, facilitates collaborator discovery, and offers insights and short-cuts to help research organizations win a larger share of available funding. Investigators can use it to search for funding opportunities in all areas of research, including federal, private sponsors, domestic, and internal awards to those at all career stages. Administrators can use Pivot to create searches for others, including groups of investigators.

Search Pivot to find additional funding opportunities.

  • Search the most trusted and comprehensive source of global funding information
  • Save searches and track funding opportunities
  • Discover collaborators
  • Get tailored funding recommendations and alerts
  • UIC admins can share funding opportunities with group members

Use your UIC login if you already have an account or click “Create Account” to join. Pivot is available to anyone with a UIC netid.

The Office of Research Development curates lists of funding opportunities for which UIC investigators are eligible. Use the links below to view the Pivot lists that interest you. If you would like a weekly email digest of new opportunities as they are added to the lists, see the subscription instructions above.

Lewis-Burke Associates logo with purple swoosh

Lewis-Burke Associates LLC (Lewis-Burke) is a leading government relations firm based in Washington, D.C. specializing in advocating for the public policy interests of institutions of higher education and other research and education organizations.  Lewis-Burke works closely with the Office of Research Development to identify opportunities, support faculty, and develop strategies to position UIC for future federal opportunities.  The types of services provided by Lewis-Burke include: strategy development; intelligence on new and emerging federal priorities; facilitating engagement with federal agency staff and policy makers; support for early career faculty; advice on research portfolio diversification; analyses of federal funding trends to better understand agency priorities, the political landscape, and other potential research players; in-depth analysis of new funding opportunities; and analysis and guidance on new regulations and policies.

If you would like assistance from Lewis-Burke in identifying opportunities for federal funding or help in making connections with agency program staff, please contact

Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations Heading link

chicago skyline at night

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) can provide customized matching of UIC projects and programs with companies and foundations that seek partners in order to realize their research, education, employee recruitment and social responsibility objectives. Projects of interest to corporations or foundations may include international programs, healthcare access, K-12 education, online learning, sustainable energy, entrepreneurship, community development and many others.

Although many foundations issue RFPs for open funding opportunities, some also support projects developed through an iterative process of relationship building between the principal investigator and the foundation. Staff from CFR can facilitate this process and work with development professionals in the Colleges to coordinate interactions with target sponsors to ensure prospective projects end up with the best-fit programs.

For more information, please contact Kevin S. Beck, Executive Director at

Other Resources Heading link