COVID-19 & Research Restart

OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19 Emergency and Research Restart

Receiving Award


Sponsored Programs contract negotiators will review all agreement terms and conditions to ensure compliance with Federal and State laws, sponsor guidelines, and the General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure.   The negotiators will engage with other campus units (such as University Counsel, Risk Management, OSP Management, and the Vice Chancellor for Research) as necessary on problematic terms and conditions.  Negotiators will also coordinate with the PI and department on any project-related issues, including compliance approvals.

Sponsored Programs will NOT execute any agreement until all compliance approvals (IRB, Animal, Special Agents, COI, etc.) have been granted by the appropriate university office.  

It is HIGHLY recommended to begin working on compliance approvals as soon as possible to avoid long delays in the execution of your award!