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Resources for PIs, Business Managers, Unit Executive Officers

Reports and other resourcesWho should use these resources?
UIC Research COI Custom Report "Verify Investigator COI Training and Disclosure" (VPN login required) This report will help business managers track the progress of mandatory COI training and disclosure of investigators and key research personnel.
List of sponsors and organizations that require COI verification for compliance.The verification process is applied to all federally funded programs, including those from non-federal sources with federal flow through. Business managers can use the list as reference and also identify non-federal sponsors that have adopted the federal regulations.
FDP Clearinghouse for COI Federal Demonstration Partnership Clearinghouse for new FCOI regulations.Business managers can check when an institution has registered with the FDP Clearinghouse to verify if the institution attests that it has a policy that complies with the federal sponsors including Public Health Service (PHS), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Energy (DoE). If an institution has not certified COI compliance, please complete the form below.
Subrecipient Financial Conflicts of Interest Certification FormPI or business manager should use this form at the time of proposal for HHS, PHS, NIH, NSF, DOD, DOE, NASA sponsored research or any other non-federal agency that applies the DHHS, NSF, DOD, DOE, or NASA regulations when there will be a sub-award.
Training SessionsInvestigators, Unit Executive Officers, and unit administrators should attend training sessions. Click on the link to register for the training.

COCI Updates and Recorded Meetings (login required)

If you are a PI, business manager, or Unit Executive Officer with questions, please contact the COCI Coordinator, Scott MacEwen (312) 996-3642 or