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OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID19 Emergency and Research Activities

Conflict Review Committee

The Conflict Review Committee (CRC) advises the Vice Chancellor for Research on matters regarding conflict of interest or conflict of commitment. University policy requires that the committee be composed of at least three academic staff members. UIC’s CRC is made up of 12 individuals, each serving a 3-year term. The current CRC chair is Dr. Mark Grabiner, Professor, Department Kinesiology and Nutrition, College of Applied Health Sciences.

CRC members reflect UIC’s diverse disciplines, colleges, interests, and experiences. Typically, the committee meets once every six weeks throughout the year and sets its meeting dates one semester at a time. The CRC evaluates all formal conflict management plans before they go to the Vice Chancellor for final approval. Materials to be reviewed by the CRC are due two weeks in advance. Due dates are listed on the meeting schedule.

Conflict Review Committee Members

Members College Department Term Ends
Mark Grabiner(CHAIR) Applied Health Sciences Kinesiology and Nutrition 2021
Alberto Bernabe John Marshall Law School JD Program 2022
Elaine Fluder OPRS Director, Office for the Protection of research Subjects 2022
Allyson Holbrook Urban Planning and Public Affairs Public Administration 2023
Jacquelyn Jancius OVCR COI Director 2022
Janet Lin College of Medicine Emergency Medicine 2023
Rebecca Lind Liberal Arts and Sciences Communication 2021
Constantine M Megaridis Engineering Mechanical and Industrial Engineering 2023
Robin Mermelstein Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology; Center for Clinical and Translational Science 2022
Shane Phillips Applied Health Sciences Physical Therapy 2022
A. Simon Pickard Pharmacy Pharmacy Administration 2021
Bellur Prabhakar Medicine Interim Associate Dean for Research 2022
Suseelan Pookote OTM Assistant Director of Business Development Ex Officio
Scott McEwen COI Committee Support