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Scenario 1: Marketing Professor in Montreal – Lower Risk Travel: Personal Device

Scenario Heading link

A marketing professor is traveling to a conference at a University in Montreal. They’ll be at the conference for three days and then staying a few extra vacation days to see the city.

Considerations Heading link

  • Isn’t sure what security exists on their device – but uses a log in
  • Expects to have consistent internet access
  • Will be accessing teaching and research information on University servers while out of the country
  • Is concerned about crossing US Border Control with federally funded research data

Checklist Heading link

Marketing Professor in Montreal // Lower Risk; Non-UIC Provided Personal Laptop/Device

  • Register the trip with the University for medical insurance (free for faculty and staff)
  • Review the State Department Directorate of Defense Trade Controls for the country of travel
  • If not already done, please consult the Export Controls Compliance Officer ( to conduct restricted party screening related to your travel as soon as possible before travel. (
  • If traveling with UIC data and/or property, please contact the Export Control Compliance Officer, to obtain a draft letter to document that you have permission to travel with this UIC data and/or property.
  • Don’t lose data – have a backup and move data off the device to appropriate cloud storage
    • Create a backup of laptop in case of loss, damage, theft, or confiscation
    • Remove items stored locally on your computer and move to cloud storage. For University-related storage use University OneDrive, Google Drive, or Box accounts. For personal information, consider Google Drive, Dropbox, or a personal secure server
  • Plan to safely use your machine
  • Update your laptop and security settings
    • Run operating system updates
    • Install and/or update anti-malware software
  • Email presentations to your host and move your presentation(s) to a flash drive that can be left behind
  • Cell phone safety
    • Contact your cell phone provider to determine what international data options are available to you. Remove TouchID or face log-in in from your cell phone
    • Consider backing up your phone, doing a factory reset before your travel, and then reinstalling your data after returning home

While Traveling


  • Be safe physically with your devices
    • Do not leave your devices unattended. Hotel room safes are a minimally secure option. If possible, keep your laptop, phone, and peripherals with you at all times
    • Do not plug any accessories (flash drives, charging cables, etc) into your laptop that you didn’t bring with you
    • Don’t plug your phone into USB outlets on charger kiosks
  • Use your devices on secure wifi
    • Limit usage of hotel business center or public computers and do not access University Resources or other storage unless absolutely necessary; clear the browsing history when you’re done
    • Limit usage of “free” wifi in cafes, hotels, restaurants, airport, etc.
  • Use VPN software to access the internet, including University resources
    • UIC General-Use will protect traffic to UIC resources; the UIC Library-Resources VPN will protect all traffic
  • Do not access University Resources or University systems containing high-risk, sensitive, or export-controlled projects or dual-use software. For questions about potential dual-use software, contact

Note log ins you use during the trip and be on the lookout for suspicious updates to data or files


After Returning Home

  • Update passwords
    • University password
    • Personal laptop log in password
  • Restore data from back ups