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Cell Phone Recommendations

As cell phones are personal and not university-provided devices, they align most closely with the guidance given for Scenario 1. However, these are some recommended practices for traveling with your phone:

  • Consider getting a separate phone for international travel
  • Contact your phone company and find out what options are for international travel plans or putting plan on hold
  • Create a back up and then do a and other UIC tool apps
  • Ensure your phone has a unique factory reset of your phone before you travel – travel—do another reset when you get back and then reload from your pre-trip back up
  • Remove biometric (face, fingerprint) log ins. Instead use a passcode to prevent use of biometrics to unlock your device when crossing the border. Law enforcement cannot require you to enter a passcode but can use your biometric sensors.
  • Remove Outlook, Box, Blackboard passcode or phrase
  • Turn on 2-Factor authentication
  • Log out of social media websites before crossing borders
  • Install a VPN