The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) believes that research is fundamental to the success and mission of the University of Illinois at Chicago and it’s students, faculty, staff, and postdocs. We strive to grow, promote, advance, and safeguard research at UIC by conducting world-class research that advances the field of knowledge both locally and globally.

2018 Humanities, Arts, Design and Architecture Distinguished Scholar
With almost 25 years of work related to HIV/AIDS history, women’s history and the LGBTQ experience, Jennifer Brier has withstood changes in her field and society while establishing herself as an influential historian and leading public intellectual.
2018 Natural Sciences and Engineering Rising Star
Just as smartphones now have hundreds of functions, researcher Jie Xu wants to one day make a chip the size of a credit card capable of conducting full experiments.
Tanya Berger-Wolf
2018 Natural Sciences and Engineering Distinguished Researcher
Tanya Berger-Wolf is a computational ecologist. In fact, she is one of the first — and certainly one of the most well-known — computational ecologists in the young but rapidly growing field.
Basmattee Boodram
2018 Clinical Sciences Rising Star
Basmattee Boodram is an epidemiologist whose attention is focused on some of the greatest public health challenges facing the U.S.: substance abuse and infectious disease.

UIC Research News

Fossils of the future to mostly consist of humans...

As the number and technology of humans has grown, their impact on the natural world now equals or exceeds those of natural processes, according to scientists.


NSF awards UIC $1.5M for new data science institute

A multidisciplinary team of University of Illinois at Chicago researchers received a three-year, $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to form a new data science institute.


A new link between migraines, opioid overuse may be key...

About 10% of the world population suffers from migraine headaches, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. To alleviate migraine pain, people are commonly treated with opioids. But, while opioid treatment can provide temporary pain relief for episodic migraines, prolonged use can increase the frequency and severity of painful migraines.

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UIC, IDPH receive $9.5M for maternal outcomes improvement project

A $9.5 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration will help the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Illinois Department of Public Health improve maternal outcomes in Illinois.


UIC researchers awarded $1.7M from HUD

The University of Illinois at Chicago received $1.7 million in research funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to study lead and other household health hazards. The funds will support two different projects in Illinois communities.

UIC’s Samuel Dorevitch, associate professor of environmental and occupational health sciences at the School of Public Health, will be awarded up to $1 million through the Lead and Healthy Homes Technical Studies Program.  Through the Lead Technical Studies Program, UIC’s Apostolis Sambanis, adjunct assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences at the School of Public Health, will be awarded up to $700,000.


OVCR Facts

  • 225->1 ROI OVCR has invested $2 million over the last two years in the Research Resources Center (RRC) which has generated $550 million in total awards

  • 1564 FY 2017 Awards received by sponsor type

  • $1-> $14 For every $1 invested in Campus Research Board Intramural Funding, $14 are received in extramural funding