Phase in Award Life Cycle
Investigator /Department
Phase I
Finding Funding
Identifies potential funding sources
Helps investigators identify funding sources & interpret sponsor announcements
Developing a Proposal
Develops proposal & budget; prepares PAF (proposal approval form)
Helps investigators interpret sponsor guidelines and UIC internal policies & procedures; provides general assistance in proposal & budget development
Assists investigators with complex proposals
Phase II
Submitting a Proposal
Submits proposal, budget & PAF to ORS for approval and submission
Reviews and approves proposal & budget prior to submission; routes approved proposal based on sponsor policy
Phase III
Responds to sponsor requests; obtains any reviews needed (e.g. human or animal subjects); requests Anticipation account if needed
Forwards sponsor requests to Investigator / Department; Forwards replies to sponsor
Sets up Anticipation account if requested
If received from sponsor directly, forwards notice of award to ORS; if needed, submits revised budget or other information to ORS
Reviews and, if needed, negotiates terms of award; accepts award on University's behalf; notifies Investigator / Department / GCO of award acceptance via Notice of Executed Award
Phase IV
Setting Up an Award
Responds to requests from GCO for additional information; Establishes appointments for personnel on award; Initiates payment processes: P-Cards, purchase orders, payroll, etc.; Initiates subcontract / consultant agreements, if needed; Documents & prepares to track committed cost sharing
Reviews award documents; requests additional information from Department if needed; enters award data into Banner; establishes subaward encumbrances; notifies Investigator / Department of Banner Code Assignment
Conducts project activities; monitors expenditures & corrects errors promptly; monitors subawards; processes subaward invoices & ensures their accuracy; manages effort and cost sharing commitments; requests modifications to award or budget when needed; requests carryover, continuation, or extensions when needed; meets other project requirements & deliverables
Communicates with sponsors regarding projects changes needing prior approval (e.g. change in PI, scope, or major re-budgeting); approves no-cost extensions requests
Invoices sponsors per award terms & collects payments; submits financial reports to sponsors per award terms; makes changes to award or budget in Banner; Notified department of awards in overdraft, labor redistributions requiring explanation, expiring anticipation accounts & terminating awards; approves JVs on sponsored funds; advises departments on compliance issues
Completes items on Closeout Checklist, including: reviewing award expenditures; ensuring compliance with award terms; ensuring subawards are finalized; resolving overdrafts; providing cost-share reports; submitting technical reports, forms and / or other project deliverables
Signs off on Property Certification, Patent Certification, and Final Invention Statements
Prepares expenditure report for department review; submits final invoice to sponsor; submits final financial report to sponsor; handles unexpended funds as per award terms; closes subaward encumbrances; terminates award in Banner


Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR)

Research Development Services (RDS)

Office of Research Services (ORS)

Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS)

Office of Grants & Contracts (GCO)