Please note that the fees stated below may change; therefore, this should be accounted for in budget planning.

Industry Sponsored Research

The OVCR charges a processing/administrative fee for the UIC IRB review of all industry sponsored human subject research. Charging industry sponsors for their share of the costs associated with the IRB review process allows UIC to continue to provide the level of service required by our faculty. This policy is consistent with practices at the majority of research universities.

Protocol Processing Fee Structure. These fees apply only to industry sponsored research involving human subjects submitted for review by the UIC IRB. Research involving human subjects supported by federal, foundation, division, or department funds will not incur these fees. The amount of all fees will be reviewed annually by the OVCR and are subject to change.

Review Type
Current Fee
Convened Review
Expedited Review
Exempt Review
Continuing Review
Final Report $150.00


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has contracted with Western IRB (WIRB), an established and AAHRPP Accredited independent IRB, for the review of industry-sponsored and industry-initiated research studies. As of February 1, 2010, UIC investigators will have the option of submitting industry-sponsored clinical trials, with some exceptions, to the WIRB for review and approval instead of the UIC IRBs.

Review Type
Current Fee
Initial Review
Additional Investigators, Multi-Center Studies
Additional Consent Forms (each)
Continuing Review
Amendment (Changes to Research Involving or not Involving Consent Form Review)
Recruitment Materials (charged per item)
Change in Investigator or adding a Co-PI
Final Report $380.00
Document Translations Cost of translation