Foreign Influence in UIC Research and Scholarship

While the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) strongly supports affiliations with foreign institutions, collaborative research and scholarly exchanges, UIC must comply with U.S. laws and regulations that govern how international engagements are managed.  To that end, our faculty, staff and students should understand the current regulatory landscape and be aware of responsibilities to:

  • safeguard university resources and intellectual property;
  • fully disclose external financial interests, affiliations and activities; and
  • follow export regulations.

Are you aware of the university’s export control policies?
Remain cognizant of whether or not your international travel, research, foreign engagement, visiting scientists and collaborators may be subject to U.S. export regulations.  If so, be sure to review UIC resources on managing export compliance, or contact the Export Compliance Officer at  Please be aware that social media applications in certain countries may be monitored by law enforcement officials.

Have you promptly disclosed inventions to the Office of Technology Management (OTM) and ensured proper security of materials, data and confidential information?
Ensure that any transfer of intellectual property, proprietary data, material or technical information to foreign entities is covered by an appropriate agreement such as a material transfer agreement (MTA), data use agreement (DUA) or nondisclosure agreement (NDA) negotiated by the Office of Technology Management and/or the  Office of Research Services in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Have you fully disclosed your non-university activities?
Always obtain pre-approval from your unit head, department chair or dean for all non-university activities. This includes outside professional activities as well as relationships and foreign talent recruitment programs. Update your Report of Non-University Activities in START myDisclosures to report these activities and affiliations.

Have you completed or updated any required sponsor-specific disclosure form?
Some sponsors like the Public Health Service (PHS) require investigators to disclose significant financial interests and non-UIC sponsored travel that could reasonably be related to your institutional responsibilities. This includes financial interests with foreign entities, including foreign institutions of higher education or the government of another country.  PHS Disclosure information may be found here.

Have you met all agency disclosure requirements, including current and pending research support, in all applications for sponsored funding?
This includes all foreign or domestic grants, cooperative agreements, contracts and institutional awards. You should also note any planned collaborations (foreign or domestic) and the scope of the collaboration, including the exchange of information, material or data.

Have you shared your affiliations with outside organizations?
If required, be sure to disclose your activities, affiliations and relationships when speaking, teaching or publishing with outside organizations, including in scientific journals and professional societies.


Please contact Patricia Pfister, Export Controls Compliance Officer ( or Jacquelyn Jancius, Director, Conflict of Interest ( with any questions or concerns.