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Recipients of Awards for Creative Activity

Recipients of Awards for Creative Activity

We are pleased to announce that a set of outstanding projects have been selected by a committee of faculty representing the arts, humanities, and social sciences to receive funding through the UIC Awards for Creative Activity Program. The impressive number and quality of proposals submitted by UIC faculty demonstrates the passion for creative endeavors that cuts across this campus.

A total of seventy-nine proposals were submitted; of those, a total of forty-five projects were selected for funding. All proposals were reviewed by at least three UIC faculty followed by a panel discussion by the review committee to review scores and make recommendations for funding.

We sincerely thank everyone who participated in this process, both those who submitted proposals and especially the two dozen faculty who conducted peer reviews and served on the review committee. The combined contributions of many faculty and staff have made this a successful program that will accelerate and expand the footprint of creative scholarship and activities here at UIC.

Name Department Project Title
Brian Anderson School of Design Designed for Speed
Michael Anderson Department of Music UIC Youth Wind Ensemble Programs
Andrew Baker Department of Music New CD of unrecorded Leo Sowerby music
Louis Bergonzi School of Theatre and Department of Music Juba: A Symphonic Play
Jennifer Brier Department of History and Gender & Women's Studies Social Justice Research Collaborative
David Brown School of Architecture The Available City -North Lawndale Collective Space Exposition
Joaquin Chavez Department of History Spanish Translation of Poets and Prophets of the Resistance: Intellectuals and the Origins of El Salvador's Civil War (Oxford University Press, 2017)
Jonathan Daly Department of History “Saved from Certain Death” to Change the Course of History: An Intellectual Biography of Richard Pipes
Penelope Dean School of Architecture Flat Out
Claire Decoteau Department of Sociology Ebola and Crisis Decision-Making
Christine Dunford Department of Theatre The Memory Ensemble™ Curriculum Manual: Increasing Reach and Impact
Alexander Eisenschmidt School of Architecture Felix Candela in Chicago: An Engineered Architecture from Mexico City to the Midwest
Myron Elliott Department of Theatre Costume Design II: Techniques of New Modern Masters (Sequel Book)
Stephen Engelmann Department of Political Science 16th Conference of International Society for Utilitarian Studies
Yayoi Everett Department of Music Contemporary Opera: Identity, Staging, and Narrative
Erin Freeman Department of Theatre Entanglement: A Quantum Physical Soap Opera
Lisa Freeman Department of English R/18: Re-Activating the Repertoire A Performance Research Collective for Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama
Dianna Frid Department of Art Reading the Voids: Wormholes and the transformation of text and matter
Anna Guevarra
    Gayatri Reddy
Global Asian Studies Program
    Gender & Women’s Studies
Dis/Placements: Re-visioning a People’s History of Uptown, Chicago
Sara Hall Department of Germanic Studies Police Projections: Law Enforcement and the Moving Image from Caligari to M
Rachel Havrelock Department of English Chicago River Campus
Laura Hostetler Department of History and Global Asian Studies Program The Art of Imperial Ethnography: Qing Illustrations of Tributary Peoples
Sunyoung Kim Department of Special Education Project Impact
Maria Krysan Department of Sociology Two Sides of the Same Coin: Stories about Race, Place, and (not) Belonging in Chicago
Sean Lally School of Architecture ‘Local States’- 2020 Venice Architectural Biennale Installation
Mario LaMothe Departments of African-American Studies and Anthropology Lot Bò Dlo: Visualizing the Mistreatment of Haitians in US Detention Centers
Agustina Laurito Department of Public Administration The Effect of the Heroin Epidemic on Grandparent Caregiving
Amanda Lewis Department of Sociology Dissemination of Report on Racial Wealth Disparities among the Middle-Class in Chicago
Clare Lyster School of Architecture Entanglement: Meaning and Materiality of Data Infrastructure in Space
Patrisia Macias-Rojas Departments of Sociology and Latin American and Latino Studies The Politics of Bed Space: The Privatization of Migrant Detention
Sharon Oiga School of Design Chicago Design Through the Decades
Kim Potowski Department of Hispanic & Italian Studies Latino Language in the USA
Paul Preissner School of Architecture American Framing
Sheela Raja Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Violence, Trauma, Toxic Stress, and Engagement in Preventive Healthcare: Creating Trauma-Informed Healthcare in Urban Communities
Barbara Risman Department of Sociology Category X: Gender Identities Beyond the Binary
Carrie Sandahl Department of Disability and Human Development Code of the Freaks: Disability Representation in American Cinema
Derrick Sanders Department of Theatre August Wilson Monologue Competition Workbook
Karen Su Global Asian Studies Program Yuki Speaks Out- Picture Book and Educational Website
Sandra Sufian Department of Medical Education Health Humanities Portrait Dissemination: Expanding Our Reach and Scope
Stacey Sutton Department of Urban Planning and Policy The State of Racial Justice for Arab Americans in Chicago
Zvonimir Tot Department of Music CD recording of the ensemble Balkan Fusion Orchestra
Victoria Trinder Department of Curriculum and Instruction Cartography, Curriculum, and Community De-Segregation: Urban Education and the Collective Analysis of Racial Justice in Folded Map™
Rachelle Tsachor Department of Theatre Making Inclusive Theater: Shakespeare's Richard III as Disability Art
Daria Tsoupikova School of Design Multi-User Virtual Reality Storytelling: Beyond Theater
Elaine Jingyan Yuan Department of Communication The Networks of Disinformation: Understanding the (Dis)Information Ecologies in the U.S, Europe, and China