COVID-19-Updated: 05/27/2020

OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19 Emergency

Information for Campus Research Restart

Updated: May 26, 2020

Eight working groups of faculty representing each College are currently meeting to define the questions and needs for research in different areas including clinical studies, public health and social sciences, community engagement, translational research (including expanded use of animal models, drug discovery and the entrepreneurial pipeline), STEM disciplines, data science, projects in the arts and humanities, and research considerations for junior faculty and trainees. These groups are being facilitated by OVCR and will continue to meet during the next few weeks to consider any topic related to the next steps for all parts of our research portfolio. All groups include junior faculty in order to consider the unique needs of this cohort. Safety protocols will continue to be overseen by EHSO, although EHSO personnel will be reviewing the questions and considerations of each working group in restarting and reactivating research.