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OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19 Emergency and Research Restart

UIC AY19 Effort Reporting

Dear UIC Research Community,

The Effort Reporting System (ERS) is now open and ready for AY19 certifications to be completed. Effort is the time spent on all university activities. The ERS is designed to document effort actually expended by individuals on each sponsored award during AY19 (8/16/18 – 8/15/19) and reconcile effort committed in award document(s).  This effort can be paid directly by the award and/or other funding sources (i.e. cost shared) to ensure effort commitments are met.


  • Business managers, who are responsible for initiating and coordinating the process, have received an email with a link to the ERS and login instructions.
  • Once business managers complete their data entry and review, certifiers (faculty or other individuals who must self-certify) will receive a notification that they have one or more effort reports ready for certification.
  • Certifiers must then log into the system and certify each report to complete the process.


Certifiers will have until 5 pm on Thursday, November 7th to complete their certifications.  Effort reports are the method in which the University documents effort expended on sponsored projects and is provided for audit purposes.  It is critical that all effort certifications are completed in an accurate and timely manner. Please contact our office immediately if you need assistance.


A variety of resources have been established to assist the research community during the effort certification period:

Please visit the Effort Reporting website where the policies and additional resources such as forms, training materials, job aids and frequently asked questions are posted:


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UIC Effort Reporting Page:

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