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New Triennial Training Requirement for All Animal Researchers Using Rodents

This notice is to inform investigators of a new training requirement for principal investigators of Animal Use Protocols and all research staff working with mice and/or rats. In the past, research staff were required to complete the Working with Mice and Rats at UIC training module once; however, effective February 2021, research staff using rodents in their research will be required to complete the training module on a triennial basis. This new training requirement will be implemented on a rolling basis, i.e. as a new or replacement protocol is submitted. PIs and their staff will be required to complete the new Working with Mice and Rats at UIC 2021 training module. Thereafter, it will be required to be completed on a triennial basis as is the case for the Animals and Research at UIC training module.

All research institutions are responsible for providing training to individuals working with animals as part of the institutional animal care and use program. A key and essential required function of the UIC ACC is to ensure that investigators and staff who use animals in research, testing and/or teaching are appropriately trained. Completion of the new Working with Mice and Rats at UIC 2021 training module on a triennial basis will assure the ACC and regulatory and accrediting agencies that research staff at UIC receive continuing and ongoing training. In addition to the online training module, the BRL veterinary staff provide a monthly hands-on training session on mouse handling and sample collection methods, and aseptic technique and perioperative care. Staff can sign up for these training sessions on the BRL website.

It is essential that each principal investigator inform all research personnel working with animals in their laboratory of this new requirement. Failure to complete the training requirement will delay the protocol approval process. The attached document contains specific instructions for accessing the on-line training modules. This information is also available on the ACC website. Should you have any questions regarding training, please contact Ms. Valerie Parkison, Ms. Sou Soura,, or