COVID-19 & Research Restart

OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19 Emergency and Research Restart

New Investigator Training Requirement: Information Privacy and Security (IPS) Training for Researchers

As of October 1, 2019, all UIC investigators and key research personnel are required to complete the CITI Information Privacy and Security (IPS) for Researchers Stage 1 – Basic Course. Completion of the CITI IPS Basic course is required in addition to completion of the CITI Human Subjects Research (HSR) Stage 1 – Basic Course. Please note that IRB approval of research applications may be delayed if the minimum training requirements are not met for all research personnel, particularly for those individuals listed on new Initial Review submissions and for those being added to an existing protocol via an amendment. Investigators completing the CITI IPS for Researchers Stage 1 Basic Course will receive 2-hours of UIC continuing investigator training credit.


For additional information please refer to the OPRS eBlast: