COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: Public Awareness Campaign Contest


Increasing demand for and acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines is essential for achieving “community immunity” (herd immunity) and returning to many of the social and work activities important to us all. Although many people are eager to get vaccinated, there are also significant proportions of the population who are hesitant, reluctant, or mistrustful of the vaccines and the vaccination process. Good communications about the vaccines can help overcome hesitancy and promote acceptance.

The goal of the “Vaccine Uptake Public Awareness Campaign Contest” is to increase motivation to get a COVID-19 vaccine by delivering effective, tailored messages targeted to segments of the population that have higher levels of vaccine hesitancy.

With this competition, we hope to engage UIC students in developing strategic, creative messages that may help to promote acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines and motivate and mobilize people to get vaccinated.

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