COVID-19 & Research Restart

OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19 Emergency and Research Restart

Impact Faculty Judges

Students will present on their high impact engagement in one of the following areas: Career Development, Civic Engagement & Social Justice, Environmental Awareness & Sustainability, Global Perspective & Diversity, or Leadership & Involvement.

Impact Judges will be required to rate the quality of each student’s poster, oral, or creative presentation based on the following content criteria:

  • Provided an overview of the activity engagement
  • Demonstrated what was learned
  • Demonstrated why and how this engagement was significant
  • Demonstrated the impact of the activity on one of the following: 1) the impact of the engagement on self; 2) the impact of the engagement on the world; or 3) the impact of the engagement on your career development
  • Provided how the question or problem was studied, methods, or what concepts or skills learned inside the classroom was applied to the out-of-classroom experience
  • Provided supporting material to establish credibility such as: explanations, illustrations, examples, statistics, or demonstrations of ability
  • Provided a central message, a main point, or “take away” of the presentation

Judging forms will be provided along with the presenters’ abstracts on the conference day.


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