COVID-19 & Research Restart

OVCR Research-Related Updates Regarding COVID-19 Emergency and Research Restart

COVID-19 Information

Campus Research Restart – August 13th , 2020 Update

OVCR Operational Information

Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois and the City of Chicago Protecting Chicago COVID-19 recovery plans began on July 6th, allowing a limited capacity restart of some human subjects research studies previously placed on hold.


Latest Update: 08/13/2020 - Information provided on July 14, 2020 remains current

  • Effective July 15th, facility orientations and in-person training of research staff will be reinstated but at reduced capacity to comply with occupancy limits.  Training will be individualized and targeted to specific handling and sample collection techniques required by staff to conduct their research project. Please contact the appropriate member of the BRL veterinary staff to schedule your orientation or training session.  Due to the potential high volume of requests, it may take slightly longer than usual to schedule so please plan accordingly. (Updated: July 14, 2020)

Archived Updates

Latest Update: 08/13/2020 - Information provided on March 25, 2020 remains current

Updated FAQs: (March 25, 2020)

  • How should I communicate with OACIB?
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recommended social distancing, OACIB is operating remotely and will continue until further notice. During this time, general questions and concerns, and protocols and protocol modifications should be sent to with the subject line appropriately completed. A member of the OACIB staff will respond to the inquiry and/or acknowledge receipt of the submission. Do not submit questions or documents to a specific employee during this time.
  • Will my submission be reviewed?
    Please note that during this time of remote operation, OACIB will triage submissions in order to accommodate projects with active ongoing animal experiments. The highest priority will be given to protocols undergoing triennial renewal and in “Just in Time” as well as modifications to protocols in which animals are currently being used in an experimental study. New protocols and/or modifications requesting to conduct new experiments will be considered a lower priority as research staff are not to initiate new studies at this time. As a result, protocols and modifications categorized as low priority may experience a delay in the review process compared to previous submissions. The intent, however, will be to review all submissions in as timely a manner as possible during this unprecedented time.

Archived Updates

Latest Update: 08/13/2020

Latest Update: 08/13/2020 - Information provided on June 22, 2020 remains current

Research Development Services is providing frequent updates on new funding opportunities and announcements related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Limited Opportunities Newsletter and RDS News will continue to be published weekly with general funding announcements.  Please reach out to with any specific questions.

Latest Update: 08/13/2020 - Information provided on June 3, 2020 remains current

As of June 8th, Research Resources Center (RRC) cores will begin to work on all projects and services as well as open shared equipment schedules. There will be new guidelines issued by each core due to COVID19 for the use of shared equipment, sample drop off, etc. We expect delays for new projects and services due to the collection of backlogs, and we kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this transition time. Please reference each core’s new user guidelines before requesting services, projects, or scheduling equipment. All questions or inquiries must be sent over email and/or scheduled over phone call/video conference call. ( Updated: June 3, 2020)

Archived Updates