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Committee Composition & Expertise

Federal Requirements

  1. AWA Regulations and Standards – Minimum three members
  2. PHS Policy- Minimum five members
  3. Minimum requirements for ACC membership
    1. Chair
    2. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with expertise in laboratory animal medicine and has direct or delegated responsibility for program authority and responsibilities for activities involving animals at the institution
    3. Practicing scientist with experience in research involving animals
    4. Nonscientific member
    5. Unaffiliated member to provide representation for the general community interests in the proper care and treatment of animals

Composition of UIC ACC

  1. Chair/Scientist
  2. Four additional scientific members in the basic sciences with expertise in a broad range of biomedical fields including endocrinology, cardiology, cell biology, physiology, neurobiology, pharmacology and psychology
  3. Two veterinarians – both are diplomats of the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
  4. One affiliated non-scientific member
  5. One unaffiliated member