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This newest release features a completely new design and layout, an enhanced search function, and improved reporting/data export tools. The myResearch Portal should address most reporting needs. In addition, there are reports available in EDDIE. 


If you currently have access to the myResearch Portal and EDDIE, your access will remain. If you do not have access, please have your USC submit a request through the AITS Security Application.  If you are a Business Manager, your USC should request the Business Manager profile under the myResearch tab.

Numbering Crosswalk

Behind the scenes, UIeRA was replaced by the Kuali Coeus (KC) grants management system in our central research office.  All data in UIeRA was migrated to KC prior to launch of the enhanced Portal.   ORS has developed a crosswalk for records which were converted from UIeRA to KC numbering.  This will allow you to use an old UIeRA number to find the corresponding KC number.   Note that the Office of Grants & Contracts anticipation account request form is modified to accommodate the KC proposal IP scheme - please use the KC IP number in the GC70 application now.


KC Numbering Scheme

One difference between UIeRA and KC is that instead of a single reference number (e.g. PAF 2010-1234) KC generates a unique identifier for each central office action.   Any KC number will take you to the associated project and you can find all affiliated records by clicking on ‘related records’.  However, the easiest way is to use the IP number to find a proposal and the Award number to find a funded project.  

I’m looking for a  . . .
Use this KC reference
Institutional Proposal (IP) number 
Funded Proposal
Award number
Agreement number 


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