All awards including amendments must be routed to ORS for processing.

  • If you receive the award or amendment directly from the sponsor and a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) has already been submitted ORS, forward the award to ORS via a Request-for-Action (RFA) form.
  • If you receive the award directly from the sponsor and you have not already submitted a PAF, you must complete the PAF and submit that along with the award ORS.
  • If an award is submitted directly to ORS from the sponsor, ORS will match the award to an existing institutional proposal .
  • If an award is submitted directly to ORS from the sponsor and ORS is unable to match the award to an existing PAF, the PI and department will be notified to complete and submit a PAF to ORS along with the award document.
  • If you are unsure of when you need to route documents to ORS via a PAF  or other form, please see What form to use.

Sponsored project awards can be bilateral (contracts, cooperative agreements, grant agreements that require formal signature for acceptance) or unilateral (federal grants that require expenditure of federal funds and reporting to evidence acceptance).  Both bilateral and unilateral awards must be processed by ORS.

Unilateral awards generally contain standard terms and conditions that do not require negotiation; however, the sponsor will sometimes include special restrictions or requirements that are specific to the project being awarded.

Bilateral awards, since they require signature for formal acceptance, are assigned to an ORS Contract Negotiator for review, negotiation, if necessary, and formal execution.  During the bilateral sponsored project award review process, the ORS will consult with the UIC Principal Investigator (PI), departmental administrators, and other university administrative offices, such as the Offices of University Counsel (OUC), the Office of Technology Management (OTM) and the Office of Grants and Contracts (GCO) as appropriate to ensure agreements contain acceptable terms.  Only the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois by the University Comptroller, Avijit Ghosh is authorized to accept/execute agreements on behalf of UIC.