Once UIC/ORS has accepted an award from a sponsor with an approved sub-contractor, the PI will work with ORS to prepare the subcontract. If a subcontract was NOT contemplated at the time of the proposal, budget revisions and sponsor approval may be required.

It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure the Request for New Subcontract or Amendment to Existing Subcontract and attachments are properly filled out and sent to ORS with a Request for Action (RFA) form or as a PDF electronic file.

The PI/business manager is responsible for the development of the subcontract and the inclusion of all applicable requirements and other applicable regulations, disclosures, and obtaining the proper signatures on the subcontract. The PI is responsible for preparing the scope of work, schedule of deliverables and schedule of payments. The subcontractor will be advised of the source of the funds (e.g., name of the sponsor, federal or state agency, CFDA title and number, if applicable, and award name) and all audit requirements. ORS contract negotiator may verify that the subcontractor has met prior A-133 audit requirements, if applicable.

ORS is responsible for all negotiations of the subcontract, and any changes to the document requested by the subcontractor must be approved by ORS with the involvement of the PI and legal counsel if necessary.

The subcontractor will sign and return the documents to ORS. Once executed by ORS, an original of the subcontract is returned to the subcontractor and a copy of the subcontract is sent to the PI and G&C.

The PI may also determine when a subcontract is to be amended and is responsible for conveying the proper changes to ORS for amendment preparation, and should route to ORS with a Request for Action (RFA) and Amendment to Existing Subcontract form.

The PI and his/her designated project manager are responsible for monitoring periodic progress reports and invoices from the subcontracts for compliance with the terms of the contract. Invoices should be checked to ensure that they are reflective of the progress and that invoices adhere to the line-item budgets. Non-compliance with the technical reporting requirements or dissatisfaction with the level of progress should be reported to the Office of Research Services.

Agreements to obtain goods or routine services are purchases, not subcontracts, and are also subject to all relevant University procurement policies. For further information regarding purchase transactions, contact the OBFS Purchasing.

Confirm that subawardee’s proposed statement of work reflects performance of a portion of the research rather than a procurement of goods or routine services. See the Subrecipient/Subcontractor vs. Vendor/Consultant Table. All Consultant Agreements, including those for individuals performing on a sponsored project, are handled by OBFS Purchasing.  ORS does not process agreements for individuals and only handles subaward agreements for entities performing a portion of the scope of work on a sponsored project.  All Consultant Agreements MUST be routed to and processed by OBFS:  https://www.obfs.uillinois.edu/bfpp/section-17-consultants-contractors.