What are the Grant Closeout Procedures?

Sponsors vary in their requirements for closing out an award, and such variations may be the deadlines for submission of closeout documents and the type of documents required. These requirements are often found in the Notice of Award or in the Terms and Conditions of an agreement.

Most commonly required documents are:

  • Final Financial/Expenditure Reports*
  • Final Progress Report/technical summary
  • Final Invention Statements/Patent Reports
  • Property reports
  • Contract release form (for bilateral agreements)

*Financial reports are prepared and submitted to the sponsor by the Grants and Contracts Office.
Property reports, Contract release forms, and other documents that are financial in nature cannot be certified by ORS. Please work closely with the Grants and Contract Office to prepare these documents and obtain signatures.

In most cases, the final progress report/technical summary can be submitted by the Principal Investigator to the sponsor directly. Any hardcopy documents that require institutional signatures must be routed to ORS with a Request for Action form. Once approved, these will be returned to the department/PI for submission to the sponsor.

Do you have an NIH grant?

NIH closeout documents should be submitted in eRA Commons website.

To submit NIH Closeout documents via eRA Commons:

  1. The PI must log into Commons.
  2. Click on the word STATUS in the blue toolbar across the upper part of the screen.
  3. Once in STATUS screen, click on the ‘List of Applications/Grants’ hyperlink.
  4. Locate the appropriate grant for closeout under the Application ID column on the left side. Once located, click on ‘Requires Closeout’ hyperlink in the corresponding right-hand column labeled ACTION.
  5. In CLOSEOUT STATUS screen, click on:
    1. Process Final Progress Report’ in the ACTION column to upload the progress report file. Once final version is uploaded, press SUBMIT. Once it is submitted, NIH will be able to access it directly in Commons.
    2. Process Final Invention Statement’ in the ACTION column to complete the final invention statement. Press YES if inventions have been reported. Fill in all required fields and press SAVE. Or, press NO if no inventions have been reported on the project.

Once the Final Invention statement is completed and saved in Commons, ORS will receive an email from the Commons system that the Final Invention Statement is ready for review.

ORS will verify the statement’s accuracy with with the Office of Technology Management. If the submitted information in Commons does not match OTM’s records, this will be communicated to the PI and business manager as further discussion or revisions may be required at OTM. If the information does match OTM’s records, ORS will press SUBMIT in Commons. Once it is submitted, NIH will have access to the statement.

Please note, if the closeout link is unavailable in Commons, please contact the Commons Helpdesk for assistance.