SNAP-eligible via the RPPR or non-SNAP using the PHS 2590 forms 


Progress reports are required to continue support of a PHS grant for each budget year within a competitive segment. The requirements for continuation applications, also referred to as Non-Competing Progress Reports, will be included in your Notice of Award, Terms and Conditions.

If your award is subject to Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process (SNAP), and all F awards, the progress report must be submitted electronically through eRA Commons electronic Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) module.

Non-SNAP eligible progress reports must be submitted in hard copy, using the most current PHS 2590 forms, to the centralized mailing address below, 60 days before the beginning date of the next budget period:

Division of Central Grants Processing, OER
National Institutes of Health
6705 Rockledge Drive, MSC 7986, Suite 5016
Bethesda, MD 20892-7986 (for regular or US Postal Service Express mail)
Bethesda, MD 20817 (for other courier/express mail delivery only)
Phone Number: (301) 594-6584

The most current PHS 2590 forms and their instructions can be found on the NIH Forms & Applications website.

Required Documents for ORS approval of non-SNAP Progress Reports

  • Completed Non-Competing Progress Report Form, with all appropriate signatures.
  • Face Page (Form Page 1)
    Form must be filled out completely, making sure the institutional information is accurate.
  • Detailed Budget for Next Period (Form page 2):
    The most recent Notice of Award should be used as a guide in reaching your maximum total request. For multiple project grants, use Form page 2 for each project or core, clearly identifying the project leader and title of the project.
  • Budget Justification (Form page 3):
    Provide justification for line items and amounts that represent a significant change from previously recommended level, i.e. total rebudgeting greater than 25% of the total award for the period. Also include significant changes in level of effort for the PD/PI and other Senior Key Personnel listed in the current Notice of Award, significant meaning a 25% reduction or more or the level previously approved for the award. In the Current Budget Period section: explain any estimated unobligated balance of total costs greater than 25% of the current year’s approved total budget. Provide explanation why there is a significant balance and how it will be spent if carried over into the next budget period.
  • Progress Report Summary (Form Page 5)
    Refer to the form instructions for more details on what to include and page limits.
  • Checklist (Form Page 6)
  • All Personnel Report (Form Page 7)
    List ALL personnel (salaried and unsalaried) for the current budget period at the applicant organization or elsewhere, who participated in the project during the current budget period for at least one person month or more, regardless of the source of compensation. The PD/PI(s) must always be included. Provision of social security numbers is voluntary and will be used only for program management purposes. For more on the All Personnel Report requirement, see NIH policy NOT-OD-09-150, issued September 22, 2009.