After an application is submitted to National Institutes of Health (NIH), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the PI may receive what is known as a Just-In-Time request (JIT). This request calls for additional information that NIH may need during peer review or prior to the issuance of an award.

The JIT hyperlink automatically appears in the NIH Commons for all applications within 24 hours of the impact score release. Applications that have received an impact score of 40 or less will receive the automatic system generated email indicating the importance of beginning the JIT process, particularly the need to obtain any necessary IRB and IACUC approvals. Upon receipt of the system generated email request, the PI must contact his/her Program Official in writing to confirm whether or not the JIT should be submitted. For more information on NIH’s JIT business process changes see NOT-OD-12-101.

Per NIH policy, JIT information should not be submitted unless requested via email by the grantor agency. 

Just-In-Time (JIT) information must be submitted through the eRA Commons STATUS module unless   the sponsor specifies otherwise (see alternative submission options below). The PI can directly upload his/her documents into the Commons system and ORS submits the JIT information directly to NIH through the Commons as the Signing Official (SO). Hard copies of such these documents are not required to be routed to ORS for administrative signature if the JIT is being submitted in Commons.

Please note that UIC policy requires that all externally sponsored research applications involving human subjects and/or vertebrate animals be appropriately matched to an approved IRB and/or ACC protocol. These protocols must be matched by Institutional number and sponsor award/contract number. Renewal, revision, and resubmission applications must also be identified on these protocols. This policy applies to exemptions/determination of no human subjects approvals as well.


For further information on NIH JIT, please see the PHS 398 Grant Application Guidelines

To Submit JIT information via eRA Commons:

The PI is responsible for the initiation of the JIT submission by uploading the documents and notifying ORS that the documents are ready for submission.

  1. Log in to Commons All PIs submitting to NIH will need an active account with a user name and password. 

  2. Select Status in the menu bar at the top of the page.  In the PI's account, all of the his/her applications will appear.

  3. Select the JIT hyperlink on the right side of the screen corresponding to the application in which the information is being submitted.

  4. Upload Other Support using the NIH required format. See NIH’s Other Support example document. If applicable, combine all Other Support documents into 1 pdf file for uploading.

  5. If Human Subjects or Animals are being used in the project:

    1. Enter the IRB or ACC approval date in the text box provided. In order for ORS to validate this date, the IRB/ACC protocol number must be provided in the email notification In Step 8. If the protocol is pending or unmatched, leave this field blank. 

    2. For projects involving human subjects, complete the UIC human subjects training letter for all UIC key personnel involved in the conduct, review, or oversight of human subject research, providing the date of the original course taken. Please note that only the Investigator 101 and Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI) courses meet this training requirement. Please do not include HIPPA or other continuing protections education training. However, please be aware that Institutional requirements exist for continuing human subject protections education. Obtain human subjects training certificates for third party subcontract key personnel involved with the human subjects portion of the project. If applicable, combine files into 1 pdf file for uploading.

  6. If appropriate, upload budget pages using PHS 398 budget forms. This step should only be done if he sponsor has specifically requested budget information. Please note, if budget changes are requested by the sponsor, a revision Proposal Approval Form (PAF) must be routed to ORS for approval.

  7. Click Save at the bottom of the screen and select View Just-In-Time Report and print for your records.

  8. Send email to with the following heading and body: 

    Subject Line: JIT Documents Ready in Commons [complete NIH application number/UIC Institution number]

    Use the following verbiage in the body:
    This is to notify you that the JIT documents for [complete NIH application number] are ready to be submitted in the NIH Commons.
    Human Subjects (IRB) Protocol Number: (If Applicable)
    Animal (ACC) Protocol Number: (If Applicable)

    [PI Name]

  9. ORS will then review the information and upon approval, route electronically to NIH. An email will be automatically generated from the Commons and sent to the PI and ORS indicating receipt of the JIT documents.

To Submit JIT information via email (use only when some information is not available at the time of submission, or specifically required by the sponsor):

  1. Assemble all requested documents and attach them to the email from NIH requesting the Just-In-Time documents. Forward the email to with the following heading and body:

    Subject Line: JIT Documents for [complete NIH application number/UIC Institution number]

    Use the following verbiage in the body:
    Please review and endorse the attached documents for the Just-In-Time request and forward to [provide the person who has requested the JIT or the GMS assigned to the project as listed in NIH eRA Commons. You must provide their full name and email address.].
    Human Subjects (IRB) Protocol Number: (If Applicable)
    Animal (ACC) Protocol Number: (If Applicable)

    *If the IRB or ACC protocol is still pending, include a brief statement explaining its pending status and that it will be forwarded once it has been approved. Do not provide unmatched IRB or ACC protocol letters or numbers.

    [PI Name]

    NOTE: Please do not cc NIH personnel on this email.

  2. ORS will review this information and upon approval, provide institutional endorsement and forward the JIT to the NIH personnel listed in the email.

To Submit JIT Information in Hard Copy Format (use only when specified by sponsor):

  1. Route a formal cover letter to NIH along with all requested documents to ORS with a Request for Action form. Provide adequate space for countersignature of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

  2. If the IRB or ACC protocol is still pending, include a brief statement explaining its pending status and that it will be sent once it has been approved. Do not attach or include unmatched IRB or ACC protocol information.

  3. ORS will review and approve this information and countersign the cover letter. Upon approval, the hard copy JIT will be returned to the PI/Business manager for submission to the sponsor.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the PI/department to mail hard copy JIT documentation to NIH.