Once you have determined what announcement you will be applying for, follow the announcement instruction on how to complete the application.

  • If the application is required to be sent in via a hard copy paper application, submit a completed PAF, scope of work, detailed budget and NIH face-page at least  three(3) business days prior to the deadline.
  • If the application is being submitted electronically via grants.gov, follow the Grants.gov instruction on completing and routing to ORS.
    • Must submit completed PAF, budget, scope of work and completed grants.gov application to ORS five (5) business days prior to sponsor deadline.
    • Please note if you are submitting a modular budget, ORS does not require a budget.
    • PI’s are required to have Commons User name
  • If you do not have a NIH commons username, please submit the NIH Commons Account Request Form.
    • When an account has been established, you will receive an automatic email notification with instructions on activating your account.
  • If you are completing a NIH progress report, please refer to the RPPR instructions 
  • NIH Commons