1. Go to and Search and download the application package.
  2. Follow the application instructions to complete and check for errors. Make sure there are no errors prior to sending it to ORS for review.
    • All attachment should be PDFs unless agency instructions indicate other formats are allowed
    • Keep uploaded file names short,  50 characters or less
    • Only use letters, numbers, underscore or hyphens. Never use any other special characters
  3. Name the file the PI’s last name and sponsor deadline date. If you have your Proposal Approval Form (PAF) #, also include that in the file name. Ex. 2014-00000 Smith 06-05
  4. At least five (5) business days prior to the sponsor deadline, upload the completed file in ORSWeb.  Login to ORSWeb: using your netid and email password.
    • Complete and submit hard copy PAF along with the following:
      • Budget
      • Abstract/Scope of Work
      • Budget Justification