Access ORSWeb

ORSWeb is the web based system used to deliver documents to ORS.  ORSWeb eliminates the need to submit hard copies of all documents to our front office.  ORSWeb sends emails confirming receipt of delivery and assignment to ORS personnel for review.

Instructions - printable version

  1. Log in to ORSWeb: using netid and your email password.  ORSWeb works best in Chrome.  Do NOT use Internet Explorer (IE).

  2. Enter your information.  Be sure that all the information you type into the fields is complete and correct so that the processing of your submission is not rejected or delayed.

    Field Name Description
    Document Type
    Choose either Proposal (PAF/Grants.Gov file) or RFA (contract or prior approval request).
    Submission Type
    Select from drop down menu.
    Selected Department
    Click on the Select Department.  A dialogue box opens; use the search function at the top to aid you in this (not the drop down menu) and type in the name of your department then click Search.  The search is populated by organization names through Banner. When your department name appears, click on the department, then press close at the bottom.
    PI Net ID, Name, and Email
    The PI will receive the automated emails.
    Business Manager Net ID, Name, and Email
    Complete only if different from the submitter.
    CC to
    Any email addresses included here will receive the system generated automated emails. A person copied does not have access to view a submission in ORSWeb but will receive the emails.
    PAF #
    Only when available/applicable (PAF Number, Banner grant code or ORS PAF Proposal Number. If you already have a PAF number or an Institutional Number please enter it).
    Project Title
    Be sure that the Project Title, Project Sponsor, and Sponsor Deadline Date match the proposal.  Please include the full and correct title and name of the sponsor, and the deadline time if there is one.
    Project Sponsor
    Sponsor Deadline Date
    Use this field to personalize your message to ORS and give any important information or details.
    Upload Files
    Please upload PAF, Excel budget, and other documents requiring signature as separate files.
    Not sure if you selected the correct file?  Click on download to view the document.  Oops, you uploaded the wrong document?  Click on remove and upload the correct document.
    Option 1: Click Select File and choose your documents through the directory.  You can select multiple files.  Then select UPLOAD.  Your screen will refresh and you will see your downloaded
    Option 2: Click Select File to drag and drop files into the white box.  Select your files and then the box will turn blue when you’re in the right location to drop the files. Then select UPLOAD.  Your screen will refresh and you will see your downloaded document. 
  3. Press Submit 

  4. Submission Confirmation

    1. You’ll first see a confirmation on your browser. If anything is missing, you may see an error message in red.  
    2. Once you have successfully submitted, you, the PI, the business manager, and any emails you included above will get a confirmation email that looks like this:

      The first email is auto-generated by ORSWeb and you will get this email almost immediately.

    3. Next you will receive a second email that the documents you delivered were either ACCEPTED or REJECTED by the ORS Intake Team.   The second email will be sent as soon as possible but please realize that it will not be immediate.  ORSWeb submissions are processed in the order in which they are received and depending on the workflow and number of submissions (ORSWeb and in person), it can take a bit of time. 

      1. REJECTED submissions – If the documents sent were not complete or insufficient (i.e. missing a scope of work, signatures, or a budget), you will receive an email that your submission was REJECTED and will include information in the Comments section about what is missing or incorrect and causing the submission to be rejected. You will need to resubmit a complete package to ORSWeb. 
      2. ACCEPTED submissions – If the documents sent were complete, you will receive an email that your documents are ACCEPTED and being assigned to an appropriate person at ORS.  This may take some time depending on the volume of submissions on a given day.  Your confirmation email will look like this:
  5. Congratulations!  You have successfully delivered your documents to ORS. If you have any technical issues please email If you have any questions about ORS forms or processes, please contact the ORS front desk at 312-996-2862.