Professor and Head, Women, Child, and Family Health Science

Rosemary White-Traut, PhD, RN, FAAN, professor and head, Women, Child, and Family Health Science, helps a mother care for her newborn. Dr. White-Traut is known for her research on developmental intervention for infants. The intervention, known as the ATVV intervention, provides auditory stimuli via the female human voice; tactile stimuli via moderate touch stroking; visual stimuli in the form of eye-to-eye contact; and vestibular stimuli, such as rocking. She has documented patterns of maternal-infant interaction to improve when mothers are taught ATVV to administer on their premature infants. The ATVV has also been shown to improve feeding progression, neurobehavioral organization, and development and to decrease the length of hospital stay. Dr. White-Traut and her team are now testing an integrated intervention, the H-HOPE, which includes the ATVV with the addition of home visits by nurse/community advocate teams.