Would you like a list of the open research studies at UIC?

Investigators and research staff should contact OPRS at 312-996-1711, by email at uicirb@uic.edu, or by email using the “Send us a message” option below to obtain answers to questions, express concerns and convey suggestions as to the human research protection program.

If you are a research subject or research staff personnel and have a complaint or concern, please call 1-866-789-6215 (toll free) or email OPRS at uicirb@uic.edu.

This is a partial listing of the many research projects that are currently enrolling subjects. If you are interested in being a research subject, please contact the person listed below for more information.

Brochure: Research Participant at UIC - Facts to Consider

Protocol Number Title Contact Keywords
2014-0197 Outcomes of Glaucoma Drainage Implant Surgery in the Pediatric Population Kaitlyn Wallace
pediatric glaucomagaucoma drainage implant
2014-0207 The Role of Career and Technical Education in High School Thomas Walstrum
Career and Techical EducationEducation PolicyCurriculum
2014-0211 Autonomy in Diabetes Self-Management Laurie Quinn
DiabetesType 1Self-management
2014-0214 Developing Occupational Health and Safety Curriculum for Educational Enhancement for Family Medicine Residents Preethi Pratap
Family MedicineOccupational HealthCurriculum
2014-0237 Effectiveness of Skilled Nursing Facility Care in the Context of Payment Sources: A Multisite Retrospective Cohort Study Samson Barasa
Skilled nursing facility
2014-0265 The Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Motor and Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Cathy Stachnik
Parkinson's diseaseSymptom profileTraumatic brain injury
2007-0666 A REAL TIME Assessment of Barriers to Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Melissa Simon
Breast and Cervical cancer barriers to carehealth disparitiesqualitative research
2007-0165 Family Separation and Mental Health Outcomes Among Mexican Immigrants: An Acculturrative Stress Framework

2004-0851 Preschool Based Obesity Prevention Effectiveness Trial

Surveying the Microbial and Immunological Content of the Human Vaginal System