Read the contact/grant award document

The contract/grant award document includes important award management information such as:

  • start and end dates,
  • allowable costs,
  • reporting requirements,
  • billing terms,
  • and carryover terms.

It is important to understand this information to properly manage your award.

To access your award documents, use the Search feature in myResearch Portal.

Read the billing terms for the award

The contract/award document describes the billing terms for the award. Billing and payments may be based on expenditures-to-date, periodic payments, project milestones, a fixed price, or other terms.

Most awards are billed on a monthly basis based on the expenditures to date recorded in Banner. For many Federal awards, cash is "drawn" from the U.S. Treasury based on the expenditures recorded in Banner. It is therefore extremely important that expenditures be reflected accurately in Banner. Additionally, sponsors cannot be billed while an award is in overdraft.

For most awards, Grants and Contracts is responsible for submitting bills and collecting payments. (Some exceptions include Clinical Trials and Fee-For-Service Agreements.) The specialist who manages your grant can provide further guidance.

Many award documents set a date by which a final bill must be received. If a final bill is submitted late, or there are expenditures not reflected on the final bill, the sponsor may refuse to pay for these costs. In this case, the department may be responsible for the costs.

Know when your award or contract has been set up in Banner

The Office of Research Services (ORS) sends a Notice of Executed Award (i.e. congratulatory letter) to the PI, department, and the Office of Grants & Contracts when an award has been fully executed. Awards are generally set up in Banner within 10 business days of this notice being received by Grants & Contracts.  An award cannot be set up in Banner until this notice is received from ORS.

If you have not received a Notice of Executed Award from ORS, then your award is not fully executed. Use UI eRA or contact ORS to determine the status of your award.

If you have received a Notice of Award from ORS, but have not received your Banner C-FOAP within 10 business days, contact the Grants & Contracts Assistant Director associated with your College.

Grants & Contracts will send a Notice of Banner Codes Assignment (NOA) containing the assigned C-FOAP to the Business Manager listed on the PAF when:

  • An anticipation account is created
  • A new award is received
  • There is a change in funding for an existing award (Modification, Continuation, Incremental Funding, Supplement)

An NOA will not be sent for a No Cost Extension.  Additionally, if there is a modification to the terms of the award, but no changes are made in Banner, an NOA will not be sent.

Review the Banner account

Review your account in Banner to ensure that it is set up correctly and to monitor expenditures.

  • Basic Information: FZAGRNT - Provides the name of the PI, the name of the sponsor, the name of the project, the project period, and the award amount(s). Search by grant code.
  • Budget & Expenditures: FZIGITD - Provides inception-to-date budget, expenditure and encumbrance information. Search by grant code, and by fund if desired.
  • Bills & Payments: FZIBDET - Provides cumulative billing and payment information. Search by grant code.

Step-by-step instructions for using each of these Banner screens are in the GC101 Participant Guide.

Understand University policies & procedures

The university has a set of policies that describe how awards should be managed.  Topics include: Cost Principles, Cost Transfers, Program Income, Subawards, and Closeout:

Understand Federal rules and regulations

OMB Circulars are instructions from the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that describe how awards must be managed and monitored. UIC must treat all awards consistently, using the same policies and procedures, regardless of whether the funds are from a Federal or a Non-Federal source.

In December 2013, the US Office of Management and Budget released a new Circular which combines and revises the guidance for managing awards:

The most relevant sections for individuals managing sponsored awards are:

  • Administrative Requirements (Subparts A-D, formerly A-110). These sections establish uniform administrative requirements for Federal grants and agreements including: financial & program management, payments, cost sharing, program income, property standards, procurement standards, reports & records, and closeout procedures.
  • Cost Principles (Subpart E, formerly A-21). This section establishes principles for determining costs applicable to grants, contracts, and other agreements with educational institutions.
  • Audits (Subpart F, formerly A-133). This section establishes standards for obtaining consistency and uniformity for the audit organizations expending Federal awards including: scope of audit, audit requirements, auditee responsibilities, and responsibilities of pass-through entities.


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