For most issues, contact the individual who manages your grant:

  • Who Manages My Grant? - Search by grant number to find out which GCO Grant Specialist is assigned to your grant.

Alternatively, contact the Assistant Director associated with your College or area of concern:

GCO Assistant Directors
College or Functional Area Name Phone Email
Medicine Etzer Cantave 312-413-3978
Liberal Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Dentistry,Education, and Applied Health Sciences Tiara Kimp 312-355-3392
Public Health, Architecture & The Arts, Business Administration, Pharmacy, Social Work, Urban Planning & Public Affairs, and Other Schools/Colleges, Nursing Katina L. Shepherd 312-996-5963
Compliance and IPAS/OPAS Katrina Lopez 312-996-3782
Cash and Accounts Receivable Katina L. Shepherd 312-996-5963
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Who Manages My Grant?

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