Date Updated
Monday, December 22, 2008

Approved by: Interim Vice Chancellor for Research
AAHRPP Elements: 1.2.D; 1.3.B


  1. UIC defines human embryonic stem cell research as including all derivations of hES cell lines and all research using hES cells derived from:
    1. Human blastocysts made for reproductive purposes and later obtained for research from IVF clinics;
    2. Human blastocysts made specifically for research using assisted reproductive technology; or
    3. Human somatic cell nuclear transfer into oocytes.
  2. The UIC ESCRO Committee reviews all research involving the use of hES cells in research accordance with the principles set forth in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (NAS Guidelines, 2005).
    1. The use of fetal or adult stem cells in research is not subject to review by the ESCRO Committee.
    2. For additional information, refer to the UIC policy ESCRO Committee Charge and Authority .
  3. If ESCRO approval is needed for a research study involving human subjects, the UIC IRBs will only grant final IRB approval to research protocols reviewed and approved by the UIC ESCRO Committee.
    1. An investigator must have an UIC affiliation to submit a protocol for review by the UIC ESCRO Committee.
    2. The ESCRO approval from other institutions will not be accepted in place of UIC ESCRO approval. For additional information regarding the ESCRO review process, refer to the UIC Policy ESCRO Review Process.
  4. In accordance with the U.S. President’s criteria, which was announced on August 9, 2001, research involving the derivation of new stem cells from human embryos or the use of human embryonic stem cells that are not listed on the NIH Human Embryonic Stem Cell Registry may not be conducted with Federal support.
  5. VA regulations prohibit research involving the use of human fetal tissue from being conducted by VA investigators or at VA facilities or at approved off-site facilities. Therefore, the JBVAMC/NU/UIC Collaborative IRB (UIC IRB#4) will not review research protocols involving the use of hES cell lines.