Date Updated
Thursday, May 10, 2012

Approved by:  Human Protections Administrator, Director of OPRS, and Executive IRB Chair
AAHRPP Elements:  II.5.A


  1. Currently, UIC requires that all IRB research file documents be uniformly held indefinitely after the closure of a research file, regardless of enrollment status, until the forthcoming UIC OVCR Records Retention Schedule is approved by the University Archivist.
  2. Once the UIC OVCR Records Retention Schedule is in effect, after the closure of a research file, all related documents are archived for a minimum of seven years or as required by the Illinois State Record Act (5 ILCS 160), other applicable state requirements and regulations, federal regulations, VA regulations and/or directives, and in accordance with the forthcoming UIC Records Retention Schedule. 
  3. IRB records are accessible for inspection and copying by authorized representatives of federal agencies or departments at reasonable times and in a reasonable manner in accordance with UIC HSPP Policy Inspections by Regulatory Agencies
  4. The IRB records relating to VA research, including the investigator’s research records, must be retained until disposition instructions are approved by the National Archives and Records Administration and are published in VHA's Records Control Schedule (RCS 10-1).