Adobe Acrobat Professional Installation Guide

Note: this version of the Adobe Acrobat Pro installer is only intended for use by staff or faculty engaging in University work on their personal computer by the End User License Agreement (EULA). 

  1. UIC Computer: If you require Acrobat Pro for use on a University-owned computer, please contact your IT staff so they can download and install it for you.  There is no cost.
  2. Home computer:  If you require Acrobat Pro for use on your personal computer, there is a $5 charge for a 12-month subscription.  To download:
    1. Open a web browser and navigate to the UI Webstore page for the Adobe Creative Cloud – Work at Home subscription:
    2. Click the “ADD TO CART” button
    3. Select your University campus
    4. Login with your NetID and password
    5. Click the “I agree” button to agree to the terms of the EULA
    6. Click the “CHECK OUT” button
    7. Fill-in the online payment details and click the “Submit” button to purchase the license
    8. Once purchased, follow the instructions for installation and activation of the Adobe Creative Cloud software.  Online help can be referenced from the Adobe support site:

Using Acrobat Pro to Combine PDF files

To combine files as a single document:

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat Pro by clicking on the Start button and navigating to the appropriate listing in “All Programs”
  2. Once open, the Acrobat Pro splash page contains a link under “Select a Task” to “Combine Files into PDF”, click this link
  3. Drag the PDF (or Word, Excel) documents that you wish to combine into the open central area of the “Combine Files” window that appears
  4. Order the documents how you wish them to combine, and then click the “Combine Files” button
  5. The resulting PDF will then display in Acrobat Pro
  6. Save this new file under a different name