The UIC Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Mitra Dutta, and the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS) are pleased to inform the campus of a significant revision of the Initial Review Application for Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Highlights of the revised Initial Review application for Social and Behavioral Sciences include:

  • Incorporation of the required elements of a  research protocol into the Initial Review application thereby eliminating the need for a separate research protocol document.
  • By eliminating and consolidating sections of the Initial Review application and the research protocol, the length of the document has been reduced from 28 pages (+ protocol) to 11 pages total!
  • Significantly less duplication of effort for Social-Behavioral-Educational investigators submitting an application for initial IRB review.
  • Elimination of problematic inconsistencies between the research protocol and the application.
  • Reduction in the number of documents investigators need to develop and upload.
  • Investigators will no longer be required to make several regulatory determinations in the application such as selecting expedited review categories or requesting and justifying waivers and alterations of informed consent.

Important Notes:

  • Investigators should always utilize the current version of documents available through OPRS Live.
  • Revisions of the Initial Review Application: Health and Biological Sciences are in development.

Simply put, less is more. The revised Initial Review Application for Social and Behavioral Sciences is 60% shorter than the previous version and will also serve as the research protocol. These changes will help streamline the submission and review processes, while promoting the ethical conduct of human subject research at UIC.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the UIC Human Subjects Protection Program – including revisions of the Initial Review Social and Behavioral Sciences application – please contact OPRS at 312-996-1711 or