Internal Competition Completed

Principal Investigators Selected
  • Thomas Speltz, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy is authorized to submit

Program Summary

Program Summary

The purpose of the NCI Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00) is to encourage and retain outstanding graduate students who have demonstrated potential and interest in pursuing careers as independent cancer researchers. The award will facilitate the transition of talented graduate students into successful cancer research postdoctoral appointments, and provide opportunities for career development activities relevant to their long-term career goals of becoming independent cancer researchers.  

The F99/K00 award is intended for individuals who require 1-2 years to complete their Ph.D. dissertation research training (F99 phase) before transitioning to mentored postdoctoral research training (K00 phase). Consequently, applicants are expected to propose an individualized research training plan for the next 1-2 years of dissertation research training and a plan for 3-4 years of mentored postdoctoral research and career development activities that will prepare them for independent cancer-focused research careers.


Award project period:

  • The F99/K00 award is meant to provide up to 6 years of support in two phases. The initial (F99) phase will provide support for 1-2 years of dissertation research (final experiments, dissertation preparation, and selection of a postdoctoral mentor).
  • The transition (K00) phase will provide up to 4 years of mentored postdoctoral research career development support, contingent upon successful completion of the doctoral degree requirements and securing a postdoctoral position for further research training and career development leading to research independence.
  • The two award phases are intended to be continuous in time. A K00 award will be made only to a PD/PI who has successfully completed the F99-supported training, secured a postdoctoral appointment, and provided NCI with a strong research and career development plan. 

Award Funding:

  • For the F99 phase, award budgets are composed of stipends, tuition and fees, and institutional allowance
  • For the K00 phase, award budgets are composed of salaries and fringe benefits, tuition and fees, research and career development support, and indirect costs.

Allowable costs:

  • K00 PHASE: NCI will contribute up to $50,000 in the first year toward the salary of the career award recipient. This will be increased to $53,300 for the second year, to $56,600 for the third year, and to $59,900 for a fourth year.

  • F99 PHASE: NCI will contribute to the combined cost of tuition and fees at the rate in place at the time of award, at the same level set for the F31 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) fellowships

Application Limits

Application Limits

University is limited to one proposal.

Additional Information


UIC Letter of Intent
January 4, 2017
UIC Internal Competition
UIC Internal Letter of Intent and attachments will be peer reviewed. See Below.
Sponsor Letter of Intent
Sponsor Application
February 17, 2017

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent (LOI) Form

Due to the quickly approaching NCI LOI deadline of 1/17/17, please also attach the following documents:

1. CV or biosketch

2. Per the announcement instructions, the sponsor will be requiring a section on the applican't background and goals for the Fellowship training, which should address both phases of the F99/K00. For the internal LOI submission, please submit a two page succinct overview briefly describing the following:

  • Doctoral Dissertation and Research Experience (how your past research experience and the F99/K00 plans will contribute to your achieving your long-term career goals)
  • Training Goals and Objectives (Describe your long term career goals and explain how the F99/K00 will enable attainment of that goal. Describe how the proposed research training plan will enhace your knowledge, technical expertise and professional skills.
  • Activities Planned Under This Award (Describe the scientific and professional development activities planned for each phase and explain how the activities will faciliate the transition to each subsequent career stage)

Please contact Natalia Glubisz at or 68348 with any questions.

If an authorized principal investigator is not listed above, please consider the limited competition still open. Contact for further information.