Program Summary

Program Summary

Through this funding opportunity announcement (FOA), the National Cancer Institute (NCI) proposes and will support the Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet), for which the goals are as follows:

Design and conduct of early phase clinical trials to assess the safety, tolerability, and cancer preventive potential of agents and interventions of varying classes, many of which target molecules or processes known to be important during carcinogenesis. These trials include phase 0 (micro-dosing), phase I (dose-finding), and phase II (preliminary efficacy) clinical trials;

Characterization of the effects of these agents and interventions on their molecular targets, as well as on other biological events associated with cancer development (such as cell proliferation, apoptosis, growth factor expression, oncogene expression, immune response) and correlation of these effects with clinical endpoints.

Development of further scientific insights into the mechanisms of cancer prevention by the agents examined, including the development of novel potential markers as determinants of response.

CP-CTNet consists of two types of components:

Five CP-CTNet Sites (covered by this FOA); and

One CP-CTNet Data Management, Auditing, and Coordinating Center (covered by companion FOA, RFA-CA-18-030).

The CP-CTNet Sites will provide scientific leadership in development and conduct of early phase cancer prevention clinical trials as well as in the management and analysis of the data.

Application Limits

Application Limits

University is limited to one proposal.

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UIC Letter of Intent
October 1, 2018
UIC Internal Competition
Sponsor Letter of Intent
Sponsor Application
November 15, 2018

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent (LOI) Form

Depending upon the number of LOIs submitted, OVCR might be required to facilitate an internal peer review process to select UIC’s submission(s) to this program.  White paper instructions will distributed to those who have submitted LOIs.


Please contact RDS at or 312-996-8348 with any questions.

If an authorized principal investigator is not listed above, please consider the limited competition still open. Contact for further information.