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Principal Investigators Selected
  • Dirk Morr, Physics

Program Summary

Program Summary

The objective of PREM is to broaden participation and enhance diversity in materials research and education by stimulating the development of formal, long-term, multi-investigator, collaborative research and education partnerships between minority-serving colleges/universities and the NSF Division of Materials Research (DMR)-supported centers and/or facilities.  UIC is a minority serving institution (MSI).


PREM awards are expected to achieve significant increases in the number and quality of interactions between faculty and students at minority-serving colleges/universities and participants from the DMR-supported centers and facilities. They should result in increasing the number of graduate materials-related degrees for underrepresented minorities and in networking and dissemination of new knowledge. NSF's commitment to broadening participation is embedded in its Strategic Plan. The report "A Framework for Action" outlines the approach (see


Funded activities might include, but are not limited to, the development of collaborative and mutually beneficial materials research and education projects, support for graduate and undergraduate students, and exchanges of faculty and students. High school students and teachers may also participate. Of special interest to DMR are activities based on research and education connections between the participants and designed to increase the recruitment, retention and degree attainment by members of underrepresented groups in materials research. The participation of 2-year and 4-year Associate degree-granting institutions in partnership with eligible institutions may be considered for this goal (see Section IV for specific eligibility requirements). While PREM awards engage scientists in fundamental materials research, activities that encourage entrepreneurship are also of special interest to NSF, as are those that offer an international experience. Proposers are encouraged to contact NSF program staff listed in Section VIII to discuss the appropriateness of the planned activities, and check eligibility requirements.


To date, successful PREMs have a strong overlap in research focus with the partner institution, and fully integrate the partner into the research and education activities of the PREM. In addition, successful PREMs have a well-defined management structure, with active internal and external advisory committees.

Application Limits

Application Limits

UIC may submit one proposal.  UIC is a minority serving institution (MSI).

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October 2, 2014
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January 7, 2015

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

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Depending upon the number of LOIs submitted, OVCR might be required to facilitate an internal peer review process to select UIC’s submission(s) to this program. 


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