Internal Competition Completed

Principal Investigators Selected
  • Farzad Mashayek, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Aixa Alfonso , Biological Sciences
  • Marcelo Boninni, Medicine

Program Summary

Program Summary

This program aims to (a) enhance research programs and capabilities in scientific and engineering disciplines critical to the national security functions of the DoD; (b) enhance the capacity of HBCU/MI to participate in DoD research programs and activities; and (c) increase the number of graduates, including underrepresented minorities, in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) important to the defense mission.  Basic research proposals are requested in areas of scientific interest to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) which are detailed in the Broad Agency Announcement. This includes all scientific study and experimentation directed toward increasing fundamental knowledge and understanding in those fields of the physical, engineering, environmental, life sciences, and information sciences related to long-term national security needs.


Projects must be conducted by a single PI working within her/his institution and include student involvement.  There will be no collaborations outside the PI's institution.  Personnel, lother than students, within the applicant institution who assist the PI will be identified as key personnel.


Each proposal must request support for at least two - but no more than four - students.  These may be undergraduates, graduate students (including post-doctoral associates) or a combination of students at these educational levels. Student support may include full or partial tuition, stipends, fees, and other justified expenses.


AWARDS: $600,000 over a 3 year period.


UIC is an eligible Minority Serving Institution under Title III of the Higher Education Act.

Application Limits

Application Limits

UIC is allowed 3 submissions.

Additional Information


UIC Letter of Intent
December 2, 2014
UIC Internal Competition
Sponsor Letter of Intent
Sponsor Application
January 15, 2015

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent (LOI) Form


Depending upon the number of LOIs submitted, OVCR might be required to facilitate an internal peer review process to select UIC’s submission(s) to this program.  White paper instructions will distributed to those who have submitted LOIs.


Please contact Tony Halford at or 6-7036 with any questions.


If an authorized principal investigator is not listed above, please consider the limited competition still open. Contact for further information.