Program Summary

Program Summary

The Department of Defense (DoD) is soliciting applications for the acquisition of equipment/instrumentation under the Fiscal Year 2017 Research and Education Program for HBCU/MI. The Research and Education Program is designed to enhance the research capabilities of HBCUs and MIs and strengthen their science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) education programs.


The purpose of funding under this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) is to (1) support the acquisition of equipment/instrumentation to augment existing research capabilities or to develop new capabilities in research areas of interest to DoD, and (2) attract students to pursue studies leading to STEM careers. Although funding provided under this BAA cannot be used for student support, in order to further DoD's objective of attracting students to pursue studies leading to STEM careers, applicants must address the impact of the requested equipment/instruments on student participation in research.


Individual awards will range from $100,000 to $600,000. All awards will have a performance period of 12 months.

Application Limits

Application Limits

An institution may not submit more than three (3) proposals.  Internal Letters of Intent will be peer reviewed - see below under "Letter of Intent" for additional instructions.

Additional Information


UIC Letter of Intent
August 4, 2016
UIC Internal Competition
Letter of intent will be peer reviewed - see below
Sponsor Letter of Intent
Sponsor Application
August 31, 2016

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Please submit a completed Letter of Intent (LOI) Form along with the required documentation indicated below by Noon on 8/4/16.   In lieu of completing the Lay Summary section of this form, please attach the following:

  1. Up to 2 pages ( 12 point font, 1” margins) which includes:
    1. General information:
      • PI name and department
      • Proposed equipment/instrumentation acquisition
      • Estimated total cost
      • Name and unit affiliation of any coPis
    2. Project vision
      • How the equipment acquisition will augment research capabilities in areas of specific interest to DOD;  Specifically, outline the expected trajectory by milestones/dates from equipment acquisition to an extramural submission tied to a DoD BAA or other sponsor announcement(s);
      • How will the proposed equipment/instruments impact student participation in research, and more specifically, minority students;
      • PI(s) experience/credentials crafting, submitting, and managing this type of specialized grant.   More specifically - how this will leverage any existing DoD grants and/relationships with DoD in general.

             Page limit includes references and any charts, tables, figures, etc.


2. Up to four page CV for PI

Letters of intent will be peer reviewed to select UIC's 3 submissions.


NOTE: This LOI requires additional materials - please make sure you follow the instructions on the form to upload them correctly before submission.  First click the "Browse" function to select the correct file.  Second, please make sure to click the "Upload" button in order to upload the file to your application.


Please contact Tony Halford at or 6-7036 with any questions.


If an authorized principal investigator is not listed above, please consider the limited competition still open. Contact for further information.