Program Summary

Program Summary

This program is to support innovative technologies and solutions that could help meet existing goals but are not represented in a significant way in the Offices' existing Multi‐Year Program Plans (MYPPs) or current portfolios. These FOAs and resulting projects will allow EERE to assess new technologies for their potential to be “on ramped” to future MYPPs, and encourage contributions from new partners. Successful projects will reduce the risk associated with potential breakthrough approaches and technologies so that they can be viable candidates for inclusion in future program roadmaps.


This funding opportunity addresses three topic areas: Advanced Materials, Advanced Processes and Modeling and Analysis Tools for Materials and Manufacturing


Type of funding: Cooperative Agreement


Cost sharing: The cost share must be at least 20% of the total allowable costs for research and development projects (i.e., the sum of the Government share, including FFRDC costs if applicable, and the recipient share of allowable costs equals the total allowable cost of the project) and must come from non‐Federal sources unless otherwise allowed by law. (See 2 CFR 200.306 and 2 CFR 910.130 for the applicable cost sharing requirements.)


The application process will include two phases: Concept Paper phase and a Full Application phase. Only applicants who have submitted an eligible Concept Paper will be eligible to submit a Full Application


This internal UIC LOI process will peer review the Concept Paper requirements


**For additional information please go to and search for DE-FOA-0001465

Application Limits

Application Limits

University is limited to one proposal.

Additional Information


UIC Letter of Intent
January 13, 2017
UIC Internal Competition
Sponsor Letter of Intent
01/31/2017 (Concept Paper) Full Application by invitation and approval from DOE
Sponsor Application
March 30, 2017

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent (LOI) Form




1. One page broad overview of the following:


  • Specific FOA Topic Areas, Subtopic and Tier being addressed
  • The proposed technology, including its basic operating principles and how it is unique and innovative
  • The potential impact that the proposed project would have on the relevant field and application
  • PI's relevant skills and expertise
  • Source of 20% cost share (If cost share is not coming from the PI, please include documentation showing cost sharing approval from Department/College or whomever has the authority to provide it)


2. Biosketch (NIH format - 5 page limit)


IF approved to submit, the Concept Paper requirements are:


Cover Page (1 page)

Technology Description (3 pages)

Addendum (1 page)


Please contact Natalia Glubisz at or 312-996-8348 with any questions.


If an authorized principal investigator is not listed above, please consider the limited competition still open. Contact for further information.