In order to facilitate the review of your submission, please use a file name that readily identifies the attached document. File names should include a document name, version number, and date. A brief title or research protocol number can be included, if desired. The following abbreviations for OPRS forms may also be used:

  • Initial Review – IR
  • Continuing Review – CR
  • Amendment – AM
  • Final Report – FR

Please note that mislabeled files may result in rejection of the submission.

Examples of acceptable file names:

  • Initial Review Application v1 1-1-2016.doc
  • Protocol #2015-2000 CR app_v#1_1.1.16.doc
  • Aspirin Study AM#2 application 1.1.16 v1.doc
  • #2015-2000 Recruitment Flyer v1 1-1-2016.pdf
  • Appendix P v1 1-1-2016.doc
  • Data Collection Form protocol 2015-2000 v1 1-1-2016.xls
  • Research Protocol version 1 dated Jan 1 2016

For documents that have been revised, files should be identified as either marked (highlighted, tracked, etc.) or unmarked (clean, final, etc.).


  • IR app v2 1-15-2016 marked.doc
  • IR app v2 1-15-2016 unmarked.doc
  • Aspirin Study Subject Consent v1.2 1-15-2016 (tracked).doc
  • Aspirin Study Subject Consent v1.2 1-15-2016 (clean).doc
  • #2015-2000 Research Protocol revision 2 1.15.16 highlights.doc
  • #2015-2000 Research Protocol revision 2 1.15.16 final.doc

Multiple files of the same type must have distinctive labels. The system will not allow multiple attachments of files with the same name.


  • Consent Control Group v1 1-1-2016.doc
  • Consent Subject Group (focus group) v1 1-1-2016.doc
  • Consent Subject Group (blood draw) v1 1-1-2016.doc
  • Assent – ages 7-11_V2_1-15-2016.doc
  • Assent – ages 12-15_V2_1-15-2016.doc

Standardized instruments or non-UIC documents that do not have a version number and date should be labeled with an identifier and the date of the submission.


  • SCID_1-1-2016 submission.pdf
  • IRB Approval – non-UIC site – 1.1.16.pdf
  • Protocol #2015-2000 Investigator Brochure v5 submitted 1-1-16.doc
  • Aspirin Study sponsor case report form 1-1-16 IR submission.xls