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Message from the Director

Welcome to all new faculty, staff and students! We are glad you are here to be part of this unique institution.

UIC’s deepest roots are based in medicine. The Chicago College of Pharmacy was founded in 1859. The College of Pharmacy, the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the College of Dentistry consolidated in 1913. Research was and continues to be a fundamental mission of the combined Health Science Colleges. In the decades following incorporation, several other health science colleges were created. Together with the Colleges of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, they formed the Chicago Professional Colleges of the University of Illinois. In 1961, the professional colleges became the University of Illinois Medical Center.

Paradoxically, UIC is also a very young institution, born in 1982, when the University of Illinois Circle (1965-1981) joined forces with the Medical Center. This merger helped UIC reach the elite Carnegie “Research I” status.

Today, one of UIC’s greatest strengths is its diverse faculty, staff and student population. In its urban setting, UIC’s diversity, combined with a strong commitment to community engagement, makes UIC uniquely suited to addressing a wide range of urban challenges. To meet these challenges, each of us must commit to extending our academic and research endeavors beyond the borders of our campus to uphold our fundamental belief that everyone should benefit from research equally.

I encourage you to learn more about UIC’s rich history. The UIC website is an excellent resource for learning more about UIC’s past, present and future. It is a truly fascinating institution.

Remember- What you do today will be tomorrow’s history. What do you want your legacy to be?

"Today, one of UIC’s greatest strengths is its diverse faculty, staff and student population"

The following topics are addressed in this issue of the newsletter:

  • Research protocols eligible for review by the Western IRB;
  • A brief update on the electronic submission process, OPRS Live, in development; and
  • How to manage Institutional Conflict of Interest

To all UIC faculty, staff and students, I wish you much academic and research success!

Jim Fischer
OPRS Director

Western IRB Review of Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials

Contributed by Charles Hoehne

In an effort to streamline the IRB review process by eliminating the need for multiple convened reviews, UIC has contracted with Western IRB (WIRB), an established and AAHRPP Accredited independent IRB, for the review of industry-sponsored and industry-initiated research studies. UIC investigators have the option of submitting industry-sponsored clinical trials, with some exceptions, to the WIRB for review and approval instead of the UIC IRBs.

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OPRS Live Rollout Update 

Contributed by Charles Hoehne

As many of you have heard, UIC is moving towards an electronic submission process for IRB reviews. OPRS Live will be a significant enhancement of the UIC Human Subjects Protection Program. Please understand that the OVCR Tech Team in conjunction with OPRS is working extremely hard to have OPRS Live available to all UIC investigators as soon as possible, but we must make sure that the system is functioning correctly and effectively prior to rolling it out to the entire campus.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for announcements for when OPRS Live will be rolled out in your department. In the meantime, please remember that you can and should continue to submit paper applications to OPRS until your department has been added to the OPRS Live list.

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Disclosing and Managing Institutional Conflict of Interest

Contributed by Jacquelyn Jancius, Director, UIC COI Office

Institutional Conflict of Interest (ICOI) - The principal investigator (PI) is required to disclose conflicts of interest of investigators and key research personnel on a study, but you should also know that the PI is required to disclose institutional conflicts of interest on a study.

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Did you Know?

Contributed by Charles Hoehne

  • UIC jumped up 20 spots in the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges Rankings for 2016. UIC climbed from No. 149 to No. 129 of nearly 1800 colleges and universities based on their academic prowess. UIC is tied with Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, SUNY Albany, the University of Kentucky and the University of Arkansas, but UIC is the fastest climber of these six institutions.

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