The following instructions are for accessing the UIC/Controlled Substance on-line training module, Controlled Substance Use in Animal and Laboratory Research.

Time Commitment

The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. There are 11 sections, some of which will take longer than others to complete. If you cannot complete the course in one session, suspend the session, and you may log in at a later time using the same user name and password to complete the lessons.  The course will resume where it was suspended.


  • A score of 90% is required for passing.
  • A passing score is required to fulfill the training requirement.
  • The exam may be taken up to 3 times.

Getting Started

Complete the following steps to register for and access the online training course.

  1. Go to the UIC Learning Management System:
  2. Login following instructions in table below:
  • If you have previously enrolled in the learning management system, do not enroll again.  Please follow instructions below.
  • If you have forgotten username or password click on password retrieval and follow instructions. Please note the username and password will be sent in separate emails and you must have your username to request your password.
IF you're a...




New user

Select Register with Us

Choose username and password

Complete user profile and proceed to step 3.

Registered user

log in under your username and password
*If you have forgotten your username or password, select password retrieval and follow instructions.

Proceed to step 3.


  1. Select Course Catalog from the menu bar on the left.
  2. Check “Animal Care and Use” and click on Browse Selected Categories.
  3. Click on “Controlled Substance Use in Animal and Laboratory Research”.
  4. Click on Register.
  5. Click on My Courses
  6. Click on Launch Course for “Controlled Substance Use in Animal and Laboratory Research”, and complete the course.
  7. When course is completed, it will automatically proceed to the Exam, complete exam, and click on Submit Answers.
  8. Exam will be scored and exam results will be provided.  For failed exams, please review appropriate lessons and click on Retake exam.
  9. Once exam is successfully completed with a passing score, the system will indicate that the course has been completed.
  10. An email will be sent to user regarding training certificate.

Verification of Training

Following successful complete of the course, the UIC Training Learning Management System (LMS) will generate an automatic email to the user indicating which course has been completed and providing information as to accessing the certificate of completed.  Investigators are advised to print this certificate and maintain for their records.